IINH Open Events

You can find out more about our programmes by joining one of our informal IINH information events, held during evenings at the college in Bray and at lunchtime online. These are presented by our director, Richard Burton, who is also the main tutor for the Nutrition & Health Coaching programme.

The presentation includes an overview of the Institute and our activities and programmes, including study format, content, dates, time commitments, exams and other assessments, awards, qualifications, fee payment options, etc.

The Nutrition and Health Coaching programme and profession are discussed, including further options such as career opportunities.

Nutritional Therapy is explained, including its origins, development, professional accreditation, official status, career potential, etc. as well as how Nutritional Therapists differ from Nutrition & Health Coaches, Dieticians and Nutritionists. The informal presentation is followed by a Question & Answer session.

If you are considering studying Nutrition & Health Coaching or Nutritional Therapy, please join us to help you make an informed decision.


Face-to-Face Open Evenings

Information evenings in our office in Bray are paused due to current meet-up restrictions.

But we’d be delighted to arrange an individual chat by phone or online meeting anytime.

Call us first on 01 2723003 so that we can set some time aside.

Information Webinar

Join us for an information and Q&A webinar on Wednesday, July 15th, 2020 @ 1.00pm.

Click here to register.

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