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Join us to learn from Wellness Business Mentor Vicky Shilling why you need a mailing list, what (free) software she recommends, how to set up your list and get people to sign up to it, and how to create simple automations that can help convert subscribers into customers while you sleep.

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Wed, August 7th, 10-11am 

In this webinar we will be looking at the structure and function of the skin, what healthy skin requires to thrive and how certain skin imbalances can arise. We will also be exploring the importance of the skin barrier and the relationship between the gut-skin axis, and there will be nutrition and lifestyle focus on supporting skin conditions such as acne vulgaris, eczema and rosacea.

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Wed, August 21st, 7-8:30pm 

Zen Within - Where Breath Begins

Discover the transformative power of breath in our self-help and educational webinar with Eli. Learn the benefits of mindful breathing and experience a guided practice designed to bring calm and clarity to your life. Join us on this journey to inner peace and well-being.

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Wed, Sept 11th, 10am 

Past Event Recordings

 Perimenopause can start 5-10 years before the average age of menopause of 51. A number of factors affect symptoms, such as gut and liver health, sleep quality and stress levels, and often a multipronged approach is needed to help ease symptoms.

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In this one hour training Wellness Business Mentor Vicky Shilling will cover mistakes you’re making right now on discovery calls, how to structure your calls for more success, how to handle objections and how to follow up with potential clients after this initial conversation.

Join Deirdre Doyle, multi award-winning entrepreneur, children’s food educator, cookbook author, social media influencer, blogger and IINH graduate to hear some of the reasons why kids refuse their greens! Deirdre will share some strategies  she teaches parents to help overcome this issue.

Join Gwen Bastian-Enright,  will go through;

  • the ebb and flow of hormone production throughout the month
  • the main symptoms associated with premenstrual syndrome 
  • the possible causes of these symptoms
  • dietary and lifestyle tips to try and get a menstrual cycle back in sync

Join us for a masterclass on fuelling for sport and learn how to optimise your performance, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned athlete. This masterclass will cover the basics of nutrition for sports performance as well as some more advanced strategies for maximising energy.

In this 90 minute workshop Wellness Business Mentor Vicky Shilling will show you a method to setting clear goals and breaking them down into easy actions to make your wellness business truly fly in 2024.

Join Martin Healy, to learn more about the Fitzwilliam Food Test. A brief introduction to some of tests used for checking for food sensitivity. (The Elimination Diet, Vega Testing, IgG Antibody Testing).

Learn more about our Nutrition & Health Coaching with our latest Study with Us – Information Webinar

Kara O’Donnell, IINH Graduate,  discusses the fascinating connection between the food we eat and how it impacts our mood

In this workshop Ella Gale shares proven strategies to setting, and working towards, short, medium and long-term goals.

Ciara Beaugé, talks you through therapeutic foods, ideas and lifestyle tips to optimise digestion.

Ciara Beaugé offers simple everyday tips you can start doing NOW to improve energy & mood, preventing dips and cravings.

Ciara will explain how the blood sugar ‘roller-coaster’ impacts both short term and long term health. 

A short introduction to our cooking school and its importance in our Nutrition & Health Coaching programme.

IINH Graduate, Ilona Madden, shares her experience with perimenopause in a live chat with Ciara Beaugé.

Julia Sweetman gives and introduction to the Mindful Self-Compassion module offered on our Nutrition & Health Coaching programme.

Ciara Beaugé, discusses some of the important nutrients in pregnancy and nurturing the microbiome.

Helen Cassidy, discusses the changes that happen to women in perimenopause, both hormonally and throughout the body.

Richard Burton, Director of IINH, talks to Michelle about her book, her background and practical tips for raising healthy babies. 

Maggie Lynch, prepares some simple stress-free Christmas recipes from the IINH Taste Health Kitchen.

lona Madden explains the facts about sugar, alcohol and stress and discusses why Christmas is such an emotional time.

IINH Founder and CEO, Richard Burton, discusses The Future of Health Coaching as a rapidly growing profession.

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