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Cooking for Health Coaches and Nutritional Therapists and people who love healthy food

Cooking for Health Coaches and Nutritional Therapists

Wholesome food needs to be tasty and enjoyable if we want healthy eating habits to stick. Nutrition & Health Coaches and Nutritional Therapists must be able to offer their clients practical guidance in the form of menu ideas, product recommendations, recipes and cooking tips.

Any useful nutrition course should teach practical knowledge and skills for preparing wholesome foods and meals. To serve this vital need we established our own dedicated cooking school and purpose-built ‘Taste Health’ demonstration kitchen, to offer virtual and live cooking days on our Nutrition & Health Coaching and Nutritional Therapy courses. 

Maggie Lynch is Director of Cooking Services at IINH. She is a qualified chef with over 30 years experience in high-end catering. Maggie also founded The Soul Food Company, a boutique catering business based in Dublin. After graduating from IINH in 2005, Maggie blended her twin passions of cooking and nutrition into demonstration classes themed around health issues.

In-house cooking class - Taste Health Kitchen

“Nutrition education without cooking is like driving lessons without a car” Maggie Lynch

Our coaching students attend two full days of cooking classes online. They also have the option to attend a cooking day in the Taste Health kitchen, where Maggie and her team demonstrate a dozen or more delicious dishes from scratch, providing a wonderful buffet spread at the end. Students also receive a pack including recipes, tips on products, time-saving, storing and cooking, plus other practical materials for their own use and to offer future clients.

Cooking days for those on the Nutritional Therapy course focus on topics such as ‘free-from’ cooking and baking, fermented and cultured foods, as well as vegan, paleo, ketogenic, Fodmaps and other specialised dietary needs.

Student Testimonials

"Maggie's live cookery day was unlike any other I have attended. It was invigorating, inspiring and soulful - a true joy to watch and participate in. Maggie exudes passion for good food and her knowledge of ingredients and how to delicately combine them to create delicious but also nourishing dishes was outstanding. I have been to many cookery classes over the years, but nothing has come close to the infectious energy and love of food that Maggie and her skilled team displayed on Saturday. This is best practice in action, and it was truly impressive to watch. The food was sensational. Thank you for such a warm and memorable day."
Iris Cribbin
Nutrition & Health Coaching Student 2024
"Maggie's passion for food is truly infectious! She is a professional chef but goes out of her way to make healthy home cooking accessible for all! Her warmth and generosity of spirit is a joy to behold and the banquets she prepares in her demonstrations ensure everyone, from amateur to pro - will leave with new knowledge, fresh enthusiasm and a full heart & belly!"
Dee Maher
Nutrition & Health Coaching Student 2024

A Flavour Of The Taste Health Kitchen

Flavour of Taste Health Kitchen

Cooking School Gallery

Taste Health: Recipes

Check out and share our recipes and tips straight from the Taste Health Kitchen. All recipes are created by Maggie

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