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Our Story

The Irish Institute of Nutrition and Health (IINH) was established in 2002 by Richard Burton, a qualified nutritionist with decades of experience in clinical work and education.

Our purpose at IINH has always been to empower students with practical nutrition knowledge and skills to achieve sound health – and then train them to help others on the same path.

IINH was the first college in Ireland with accredited training programmes in both Nutritional Therapy and Nutrition & Health Coaching.

“Those who think they have no time for healthy eating, will sooner or later have to find time for illness.”

Edward Stanley

Look what we started in Ireland!

First dedicated nutrition college – founded 2002.

First Nutritional Therapists – in 2006.

First Nutrition & Health Coaches – in 2011.

First Nutritional Therapy clinic for the public.

First to be approved by a global awarding body – Pearson (Edexcel).

First to develop a customised, internationally recognised qualification in Nutrition and Health Coaching (BTEC).

First to develop a customised, internationally recognised qualification in Nutritional Therapy (Pearson-Assured).

First to offer a qualification enabling NT grads to register with the CNHC (UK regulator for complementary therapists).

First with graduates progressing to MSc and PhD programmes in nutrition.

First with a dedicated cooking school and purpose-built demonstration kitchen.

First to provide staff training in health and wellness for an international supermarket chain.

IINH students in class

Innovation and Vision


Pioneers in nutrition education

At IINH we know how fast the understanding of nutrition in health is evolving. We are proud of the way in which our courses have continually developed to incorporate new knowledge and meet the changing requirements of our learners.


Tailored with experts for success

Our Nutrition & Health Coaching and Nutritional Therapy qualifications are both unique ‘customised awards’. In each case, the entire accredited programme of study was developed by the IINH team in collaboration with the UK awarding body (Pearson or Crossfields). Curricula and assessments are under constant review to reflect new knowledge and developments in the field. With so many of our graduates now working in Ireland and beyond, we understand the blend of learning and skills required for a successful career in nutrition.


IINH – the best choice for your qualifications

Choosing the right college and course is a key decision. For the best career potential you need a qualification that is recognised by employers across the public and private sectors. For further study towards a BSc or MSc you need an award that is recognised by universities for learning credits.

IIINH provides courses with qualifications accredited by Pearson, ITEC, Crossfields Institute and the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT). NTOI is the professional body for our students and NT graduates.

Pearson (formerly Edexcel) is the world’s largest accrediting body for educational awards. BTECs are Pearson awards, recognised across the globe. IINH is also an approved provider for ITEC awards.

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Global Reach

Many of our Health Coach and Nutritional Therapy graduates set up their own practices. Others work in clinics alongside health professionals or in health food companies, health stores, fitness centres and local authorities, among many other settings.

Some have their own health food businesses, or earn money writing articles or blogs. Graduates who remain on their career path enhance their existing professional practice or job with the new knowledge and skills obtained at IINH. In the past few years many graduates have progressed their studies to higher awards (including BSc, MSc and PhD) in countries across the world.