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Richard & Maggie

IINH (International Institute of Nutrition & Health) was founded in 2002 by Richard Burton, a nutritionist with four decades of experience in medical research, clinical work, education and training in UK, Finland and Ireland.

Our core mission at IINH is to empower passionate learners with practical knowledge and key skills to educate, guide and support clients towards their health goals.

IINH was the first college in Ireland with internationally accredited training programmes in:

Nutrition & Health Coaching

(BTEC Level 4 Diploma in Professional Nutrition & Health Coaching)

Nutritional Therapy

(Crossfield’s Institute Level 6 Diploma in Nutritional Science & Therapeutics)

Innovators with Vision & Mission

Pioneers in
nutrition education

Diet, health and lifestyle are in the spotlight as never before, so we know the importance of staying at the cutting edge as the field develops rapidly. Our courses are continuously updated to capture the latest advances and understandings in health and nutrition science, and in approaches for lasting behaviour change.

Nurture your Passion and Future Career

Choosing the Right Course - a Key Decision

What are your special interests and how will you use your qualification? - The course programme should give you sufficient education and key skills to both nurture your passion(s) and prepare you for work, or to progress to further studies.

Employers, professional bodies and higher education providers naturally prefer a recognised and reputable award or qualification – our study programmes at IINH tick these boxes.

Finding the Right College & Course

Some questions to ask before making your decision:

  • Are the college and course accredited by an awarding organisation (e.g. Pearson, ITEC) that is itself validated by a national regulatory body for education (Ofqual, QQI)?
  • Does the curriculum cover the broad range of learning and skills I will need to hit the ground running after graduation?
  • How experienced are the tutors and what are their backgrounds
  • Which online learning platform is used?
  • How many hours of live interaction and supervised practice will I get?
  • How does assessment work? Is there a final exam?
  • Is case study work with ‘real’ volunteer clients included?
  • What happens if I fall behind on the course?

Course Materials and Assessments

Our courses are under constant review to reflect new knowledge and developments in the field. With our graduates working in many countries to create a healthier world, we understand the blend of learning and skills required for a successful career in wellness education, lifestyle behaviour change and functional nutrition.

Further Learning

If you decide to progress your studies towards a BSc or MSc [link to page] your path will be greatly eased by having awards, like ours, that are recognised by universities for learning credits

Professional Bodies

The UK Health Coaches Association is the dynamic new professional organisation for health and wellness coaches in Ireland and UK. We are proud that our new Level 4 (UK) coaching programme has been scrutinized and accredited by this excellent body, which offers support, further training and other benefits to its members. IINH Nutrition & Health Coach graduates living in other countries may also apply for membership of the Association.

Nutritional Therapists of Ireland is the thriving, fast-growing professional body in Ireland serving NT graduates and students. BANT and FNTP are equivalent bodies in the UK.


Many of our Health Coach and Nutritional Therapy graduates set up their own practices. Others work in clinics alongside health professionals or in health food companies, health stores, fitness centres and local authorities, among many other settings.

Some have set up their own health food or supplement business, while others earn by writing articles or blogs. Graduates who stay on their existing career path find that their practice or job is enhanced by the knowledge and skills obtained at IINH.

Graduate Career Paths
Graduate Career Paths
Progression to Higher Awards

In recent years our graduates have progressed their studies to higher awards, including BSc, MSc and PhD, in Ireland, UK, Australia and elsewhere.

Global Reach
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Our ALumni

At IINH, our graduates are very important to us and we wish to create a space where they can continue on their journey with us and know they have our full support and guidance in reaching their end goals.