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Accelerated BTEC Level 4 Diploma in Professional Nutrition & Health Coaching Begins March 23rd

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Since 2002, IINH has pioneered nutrition training, specialising in Nutrition & Health Coaching and Nutritional Therapy, with globally recognised qualifications.

  • Nutritional Therapy Course – first in Ireland
  • Nutrition & Health Coaching Course – first in the World

Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional therapy, or clinical nutrition, is a natural, evidence-based approach that supports the promotion of health, peak performance and individual care. Download course details What is Nutritional Therapy? Nutritional Therapy, as the core component of Functional Medicine, is a holistic,

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MSc Personalised Nutrition

At IINH we are always working to improve study progression opportunities for our graduates. We are delighted to announce that we now have a formal partnership with the prestigious Centre for Nutrition Education & Lifestyle Management (CNELM) in the UK.

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Sports Nutrition

This exciting course at IINH is packed with practical information, instruction and insights. It is designed for personal trainers, coaches and other health & fitness professionals as well as enthusiasts keen to explore personalised nutrition approaches for themselves and/or their clients.

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Fertility & Pregnancy Nutrition

It is now recognised that the lifestyle habits, nutritional status and health condition of both parents before conception are destined to shape the baby’s health throughout their life.

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Our story

After 20 years IINH is still led by its founding mission: ‘Teach passionate individuals how best to nurture their health, then train them to pass this on to others’.

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Webinars and trainings planned in 2022.

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Student Spotlight: Alex Dobbs

Alex Dobbs was born in Germany, and spent much of her childhood outdoors exploring the world around her. When she wasn’t outside, she was often

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Our ALumni

At IINH, our graduates are very important to us and we wish to create a space where they can continue on their journey with us and know they have our full support and guidance in reaching their end goals.