Christmas Wellness Gift Guide 2023

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Looking for something a little different this year for a Christmas gift? Have someone in your life with an interest in healthy eating, cooking & good food? Well look no further!

First up is the foodie gift. Any size, any shape, any price. But make it wholesome, tasty and preferably organic. 

Your neighbourhood’s farmers market is a great option for that, you’ll find local growers and producers with some wonderful ideas on your doorstep.

Take McNally’s Family Farm for example. They are growers of seasonal, organic vegetables and salads and sell directly to customers at their farm shop as well as various markets throughout Dublin and online. Hampers and gift vouchers are available.

One of Maggie’s favourite extra virgin olive oils is produced by Olivieri’s Fine Italian Foods on their olive grove in Italy. They also import other Italian products such as coffee, almonds, hazelnuts, truffles and balsamic vinegar. Personally I think you can’t go wrong with Italian foods, but if you can’t make up your mind, Olivieri also do gift vouchers.

Next on our Christmas list is the pampering gift. A voucher from Organic Italian Hairdressing in Dalkey will guarantee you to be the all-time favourite relation. The very first plant-based hair salon in Ireland, they also offer a fantastic selection of totally organic hair products. And vouchers naturally.

Visit your local health food store, always a good place for original gifts or a voucher.


Books are always welcome, particularly the nicely produced cookery books, such as Oliver McCabe’s brand new Kids Kitchen Takeover and the Ketogenic Kitchen, written by Patricia Daly and Domini Kemp. Nichola Flood’s Body Beautiful is a fantastic guide on how to believe in yourself to create a better you. 

Some other great books written by IINH graduates are, Grow Healthy Babies by Michelle Henning & Dr. Victor Henning. The latest science wrapped up in a wonderfully readable book, a must for anyone having or planning on having a baby. A Practical Guide to Cooking for Health by Nicky Halliday, is intended to be a well-rounded resource for both your health and your enjoyment of food and cooking. Nicky provides tools to reawaken the enjoyment of home cooking, while also helping people to obtain optimal health in the process. Granny Mai Eats The Rainbow by Oonagh Armstrong, is a children’s book with an underlying message to encourage healthy eating.


A lovely alternative for a gift is participation in a course. Here are a few suggestions:

Learn How To Grow with Grass Roots Nutrition, a four day course that brings you through the seasons when growing your own vegetables.

Make sure to check out Deirdre, Mollie, Ollie and Chuck at the Cool Food School, some great ideas there to get kids involved in cooking and good nutrition. 

We offer a range of short courses and brand new taster courses, that offer trustworthy knowledge, insights and practical information to support your health and that of your loved ones. See the list below.

Specialised Short Courses

Are you ready to take your fitness and athletic performance to the next level? Whether you’re an athlete looking to gain a competitive edge, a fitness enthusiast striving for peak physical condition, or a coach eager to guide your team towards success, our Sports Nutrition course is your key to unlocking your true potential.

Smart Eating for Perimenopause

Our Nutrition for Perimenopause Course provides detailed information on what exactly happens to our hormones during this time and discusses symptoms associated with each stage and why. We outline the impact of decreasing hormones on blood sugar management as well as the immune and digestive systems and why exactly stress management, exercise and our thyroid function are so important at this time.

Nutrition & Lifestyle for Mental Health

Join Ciara Beaugé, with expert contributors Richard Burton and Petra Fulham, for a transformative journey towards a happier, healthier, and more balanced you. In a world filled with endless distractions and stressors, your mental health is a precious commodity. Are you ready to discover the remarkable connection between what you eat and how you feel?

Smart Eating for infants & Children

In this early childhood nutrition short course, Ciara and Colette provide comprehensive, expert knowledge on nourishing infants from birth through childhood, up to age 11.

Smart Eating for Fertility & Pregnancy

Our Nutrition for Fertility and Pregnancy course provides trustworthy knowledge, insights and practical information to support the key stages in creating new life – preconception, pregnancy and the 4th trimester. The aim is to help couples understand and optimise their unmatched potential to bring into the world a child primed and nurtured for a lifetime of robust good health.

Taster Courses 

Digestive Health: The Key to Wellness & Longevity

In this short course, Petra will lead you on a journey through your digestive tract. You will learn why each part of the system is vital and how to best optimise its function through supportive dietary and lifestyle choices.

Family Nutrition & Lifestyle Guide

This short course will help you to make smart dietary choices for your family. We explain the importance of the macronutrients – carbs, proteins, fats – and how to choose the best quality foods and combinations to provide your family with nutritious balanced meals.

We now offer vouchers so that you can give the gift of health to your loved ones this Christmas. Simply email or call Pauline on +353 87 649 3194. Vouchers start at €50.

Happy Christmas from all if the team at IINH 🎄


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