Digestive Health: The Key to Wellness & Longevity

Optimise your gut health

In this Digestive Health short course, Petra will lead you on a journey through your digestive tract. You will learn why each part of the system is vital and how to best optimise its function through supportive dietary and lifestyle choices. 

The course is accompanied by downloadable handouts and a printable recipe eBook by Maggie designed to nourish digestive wellness.

How it is presented?

The course material is presented on our platform, Brightspace. You will have access for 6 weeks when you can read the content while listening to accompanying podcasts by Petra. You can download the content in comprehensive PDFs to keep after the 6 weeks. You will also have access to Maggie’s Recipe for Digestive Wellness which you can download,

Introduction to Digestive Health for wellness

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Course cost: €49


This is a self-paced course, delivered fully online:

  •  Access for 6 weeks

  • All the content in 3 comprehensive downloadable handouts to keep

  • 40 mins of podcasts to accompany the content, available for 6 weeks

  • Printable eBook ‘Recipes for Digestive Wellness’ by Maggie

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Cost: €49

Course Outline

On your journey through the gastrointestinal tract you will learn about..

Digestion & Absorption

  • The organs directly involved in the digestive activities within the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) 
  • The accessory organs that contribute to digestion and absorption processes
  • What happens to food at each stage
  • The role of the accessory organs play and their secretions
  • The role of hydrochloric acid

Benefits of the Microbiome

  • Gut microflora and how they keep us healthy
  • Factors that can harm or support microbiome health

How to Nourish the microbiome with Diet

  • You will learn practical ways to nourish the microbiome with suitable foods

How to nourish the Microbiome with Lifestyle

  • You will learn practical ways to nourish the microbiome through smart lifestyle choices

Cephalic Digestion and The impact of Stress

  • Cephalic digestion and how to support it
  • The impact of stress on digestive function

Optimising digestive health through food

  • How to optimise digestion through food
  • About ‘Leaky Gut Syndrome’ and ways to support the gastrointestinal lining
Digestive Health - Microbiome
Digestive Health Course

Start your journey to optimal digestive health


Petra Fulham

PETRA FULHAM BSc (Hons) in Applied Human Nutrition

Petra is a nutritional therapist with a BSc (Hons) in Applied Human Nutrition and a diploma in Nutritional Therapy. Her key areas of clinical focus are women’s health, particularly digestion, mindful eating and all nutrition related health aspects of peri-menopause. 

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