Nutrition & Lifestyle for Mental Health


Join Ciara Beaugé, with expert contributors Richard Burton and Petra Fulham, for a transformative journey towards a happier, healthier, and more balanced you. In a world filled with endless distractions and stressors, your mental health is a precious commodity. Are you ready to discover the remarkable connection between what you eat and how you feel? 

In our “Nutrition & Lifestyle for Mental Health” course, we will delve into the intricate relationship between your dietary choices and your emotional well-being. Throughout this course, you will gain insights and practical knowledge on a wide range of topics, from the impact of unstable blood sugar levels on your mood to nourishing the vital gut-brain axis. We will explore how your food choices can enhance brain function and boost your mood, and we’ll provide you with valuable resources to address food addiction.

Your mental health deserves the best care, and it all starts with the choices you make. Whether you’re looking to boost your mood, enhance cognitive function, or simply take control of your mental well-being, this course is your compass to a healthier, happier, and more balanced life. 

Empower yourself with the knowledge and tools to nourish not only your body but your mind.

Who is the course for?

This course is designed for individuals looking to enhance their mental well-being through nutrition and lifestyle choices. We explore a diverse range of topics covering fundamental concepts and practical strategies for managing and improving mental health.

*The content of this course should not be considered a substitute for professional medical advice or consultation with healthcare professionals.

How it is presented?

The course material is presented on our platform, Brightspace. You will have access for 12 weeks when you can read the content while listening to accompanying podcasts by Ciara & Richard. You can download the content in comprehensive PDFs to keep after the 6 weeks.

You also receive Maggie’s Recipe eBook which you can download and try out
her delicious and nourishing mood balancing foods!

CPD Approved

This course is recognised for 15 CPD hours for UKIHCA members.

Approval provided by UKIHCA

UKIHCA Approved CPD Course

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Course length and cost:

Course will be accessible for 12 weeks from the date of enrolment. You can listen to the podcasts at any time during this period and download the handouts to keep.

Cost: €179


Delivery is fully online. You will get:

  • Access for 12 weeks
  • All the content in comprehensive downloadable handouts to keep
  • 3 hrs 20 mins of podcasts to accompany the content, available for 12 weeks
  • Printable eBook by Maggie Lynch, Director of Cooking Studies


IINH Certificate of Completion.

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Cost: €179

To celebrate, the course being approved for 15 CPD hours we’re offering 30% off the price of the course until May 13th, simply use the code MentalHealth at checkout.


Course Outline

Discover how fluctuations in blood sugar levels can have a profound influence on your mood, energy levels, and overall emotional well-being.

Delve into the connection between insulin resistance and the increased risk of dementia, gaining insights into how managing blood sugar can protect your cognitive health.

Uncover the fascinating link between your gut and your brain, and learn why maintaining good digestive health is crucial for supporting optimal brain function.

Explore practical ways to nurture the gut-brain axis through dietary choices and lifestyle adjustments, promoting a harmonious relationship between your digestive system and your mental health.

Identify specific foods and nutrients that can enhance brain function and positively impact your mood, providing you with the knowledge to make informed dietary decisions.

Learn easy and practical methods to include brain-boosting foods in your daily diet, making it effortless to prioritize your mental health through nutrition.

Understand which foods and ingredients you should consider reducing or avoiding to minimize potential negative effects on your mental well-being.

Explore the significance of stress management, regular exercise, exposure to daylight, and quality sleep in maintaining and enhancing your mental health.

Explore the concept of food addiction, understand its implications, and learn how to recognize signs of food addiction in yourself or others.

Discover effective ways to initiate steps toward tackling food addiction, and gain access to valuable resources to deepen your understanding of this complex issue.

Student Testimonial

"This course was very informative, providing good background information on the issues affecting mental health. It also provides lots of practical ways of helping clients improve their mental health by making improvements to their diet and their lifestyle. The course notes are excellent and the podcasts are engaging and give extra detail and examples. The recipes to go with the course look delicious!"
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Course Creator & Expert Contributors


Ciara Beaugé - Nutrition & Healthy Living Tutor

Ciara Beaugé
BA (Hons) Psych, dip NT, mNTOI

Ciara Beaugé is a qualified Nutritional Therapist, with almost 15 years of experience working in the health and wellness industry.  With her unique blend of nutrition and psychology training she provides an integrative mind-body approach to health. Ciara runs her own one to one private practice, while lecturing and creating short courses for IINH. 


Richard Burton,
(Hons) Nutrition

Richard founded IINH in 2002 with a mission to spread understanding of nutrition and health, and to educate, motivate and train as many people as possible to do the same. He is principal tutor for the Nutrition & Health Coaching programme.


Petra Fulham - Nutrition & Healthy Living Tutor

BSc (Hons) In Applied Human Nutrition

Petra is a nutritional therapist with a BSc (Hons) in Applied Human Nutrition and a diploma in Nutritional Therapy. Her key areas of clinical focus are women’s health, particularly digestion, mindful eating and all nutrition related health aspects of peri-menopause. 

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