Smart Eating for Fertility & Pregnancy:
A Nutrition & Lifestyle Guide

Bringing Optimal Health to Life!

It is now recognised that the lifestyle habits, nutritional status and health condition of both parents before conception are destined to shape the baby’s health throughout their life.

Our Nutrition for Fertility and Pregnancy course provides trustworthy knowledge, insights and practical information to support the key stages in creating new life – preconception, pregnancy and the 4th trimester. The aim is to help couples understand and optimise their unmatched potential to bring into the world a child primed and nurtured for a lifetime of robust good health.

This exciting course is packed with practical information and insights. It is designed to support the work of coaches, as well as for women and couples looking for understanding, insights and tips to help them plan and prepare for optimum pre-conception and pregnancy.

*Please note, this course does not cover topics of infertility/IVF

Who is the Fertility & Pregnancy Nutrition course for?

Health Coaches looking for trustworthy knowledge, understanding and confidence to support women and men who want to optimise their fertility.

*Please read the IINH Scope of Practice before taking the course so you are fully aware of your requirements as a health coach

Women and couples looking to gain understanding, insights and tips to help them make smarter dietary and lifestyle choices for their own and baby’s health.

CPD Approved 

This course is recognised for 30 CPD hours

Approval provided by UKIHCA

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Course length and cost:

Course will be accessible for 6 months from the date of enrolment. You can watch the videos at any time during this period and download the handouts to keep.

Cost: €349


Delivery is fully online:

  • 5 hours of pre recorded lecture videos.
  • 40 downloadable handouts plus IINH recipes and meal ideas
  • Each section is rounded off with a multiple choice quiz to help you consolidate the material.
  • There is a Discussion forum that is regularly monitored for any questions.


IINH Certificate of Completion.

This course is recognised for 30 CPD hours. Approval provided by UKIHCA.

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Cost: €349

How is the course presented?

The Nutrition for Fertility and Pregnancy course comes in video format along with comprehensive downloadable PDFs. We also provide practical handouts and recipes. Research citations, other references and links are included in the handouts.

Specifically, you will receive 5 hours of video presentations, 40 supporting handouts, plus IINH Taste Health recipes and meal ideas. Please note: while this is not a plant-based approach, there are sections, tips and recipes to support vegetarians and vegans.

Each course section is rounded off with a multiple choice quiz to help you consolidate the material.

Participants will also be supported by the programme creators, Ciara Beaugé and Richard Burton, who will offer 2-hour Q&A sessions intermittently throughout the year.

The course is accessible for 6 months from date of enrolment. You can watch the videos at any time during this period and download the handouts to keep.

Course Outline

The Preconception section includes:

  • Discussion of epigenetics – how diet and other modifiable factors can shape present and future health
  • Nutrition topics – key role of healthy foods, drinks and ingredients, with particular focus on sugar, carbs, fats/oils, protein, nutrient density, among others
  • Stress and weight – how these interact and how to successfully manage them
  • Reducing environmental toxins to promote healthy detoxification
  • Top dietary and lifestyle tips for optimising male and female fertility

The Pregnancy section discusses other key concerns around food, environment and lifestyle factors, including:

  • Nurturing the microbiome for robust immunity
  • Foods best to avoid or minimize
  • Vital nutrients in pregnancy (including section for those on vegan or vegetarian diet)
  • Managing common symptoms in pregnancy
  • Tips for nesting and preparing for baby’s arrival

The Post Pregnancy section highlights other areas of importance for mother and baby, including post-natal mood, benefits and practicalities of breastfeeding, and ways to promote connection between caregivers.

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Richard Burton,
(Hons) Nutrition

Richard founded IINH in 2002 with a mission to spread understanding of nutrition and health, and to educate, motivate and train as many people as possible to do the same. He is principal tutor for the Nutrition & Health Coaching programme.

Ciara Beaugé

Ciara Beaugé
BA (Hons) Psych, dip NT, mNTOI

Ciara qualified as a Nutritional Therapist in 2010 and practises in one to one consultation, delivers community wellness talks, corporate workshops and runs retreat days. She also lectures with IINH and supervises students in their clinical practice Ciara is a Mum of 3 young children and began her nutrition studies while pregnant with her first.

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