Healthy Meal Preparation: 7 Things to Add for A Nutrition Boost!

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Too often we choose convenience over health. Likewise, we frequently put health aside thinking it’s too much work or something to focus on next month. It’s no surprise really given how busy and stressful our lives already are; always on the go with a full list to ‘to-dos’. It never stops and adding […]

The New Food Pyramid: Why official dietary recommendations differ from current nutritional knowledge

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Last week saw the launch of Ireland’s latest Healthy Food for Life Food Pyramid. This new model brings us closer to the Harvard Pyramid model, designed to make you eat healthier and provide advice on how to balance your diet.

Swapping Out Foods For Better Eating Habits

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If you are among the two-thirds of people in the country who are carrying around excess weight, you have undoubtedly tried a variety of eating plans over the years. Unfortunately, fad diets rarely lead to long-term health and wellness because the root of the problem lies in our daily eating habits.

Losing weight and becoming […]

Getting Healthy

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Having just spent an incredible week at a wonderful yoga retreat I was reminded that ‘getting healthy’ goes beyond just eating good, fresh food. Engaging in mind and body connections, as in the practice of yoga leaves you feeling invigorated, strong, energized, empowered, calm, grounded and […]

Interview with Jack Kirwin of Sprout & Co.

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Sprout & Co. all started with the juices. When did you first become interested in juicing?

I was working as a chef in fine dining. I had always suffered from eczema and this started to […]