Healthy Eating at School


This week’s blog looks to show you a simple way one school is addressing what kids eat. We showed you some interesting posts on our Facebook this week including this video which has plenty of food for thought with regard sugar intake.

Healthy Eating at school


One of our students, Kara shares her experience below on an interesting project that is now growing from strength to strength…

Schools are often looking for parents to help out with different projects, like was the case at my kid’s school a few years back. The possibility of a healthy eating program was being discussed. It was queried would any parents like to organise this instead of getting a government group in. So a few of us accepted & ran a ‘Healthy Eating Month’, 1 day a week for 4 weeks.




  • Week 1 we did Smoothies, Juices & Soup.
  • Week 2 was tasting all types of healthy foods, everything from smoked fish to kale chips to seeds.
  • Week 3 was whole grains, all things brown, brown rice salad, quinoa salad, bean salad.
  • And finally, on Week 4 we handed a box of Healthy Snacks & Treats into each classroom, flapjack bites, fruit kebabs, carrot muffins, etc.

The reaction from kids was phenomenal. We have just finished our third year of this healthy eating month and it is going from strength to strength. This year we added sugar demos, food groups, recipes & more. It is really amazing to see the kids getting more adventurous every year! They really enjoy it and are very sad when it comes to an end. This time we even got a few local shops to sponsor us some free foods so it was cost-effective.

With obesity figures at an all-time high, there is a need for nutrition to be taught as part of the school curriculum. Such a necessary life skill & one that will help to create a healthier future for Ireland.


Kara Reilly – Current IINH Nutritional Therapy Student

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