Having just spent an incredible week at a wonderful yoga retreat I was reminded that ‘getting healthy’ goes beyond just eating good, fresh food. Engaging in mind and body connections, as in the practice of yoga leaves you feeling invigorated, strong, energized, empowered, calm, grounded and connected to yourself.

Our daily schedule, at the retreat, included an hour of sunrise meditation, followed by a two-hour yoga practice, a wonderful organic breakfast, followed by free time at the resort, optional spa visits, swimming, participating in a tour or activity, lunch, time with fellow attendees, and then another two-hour yoga session at sundown. We ended each day with a lovely meal together before turning in for an early sleep.

‘Getting healthy’ as a concept includes taking care of ‘you’, giving your mind and body the attention it needs to relax, restore, replenish and regain new energy and strength. While a yoga retreat is a very specific way of spending time and money, from my personal experience it has been an invaluable way for me to combine travel with ‘getting healthy’ in a more holistic manner by focusing on good, clean, healthy food, focused yoga and meditation and being with like minded people.

Often, when we set an objective to focus more on ourselves, our health and our well being, finding a starting point can be really challenging. Committing to something like a yoga retreat is an excellent way to escape the busy, often stressful routines of day to day life and be in an environment where you have the access, the time, the support and the motivation to really focus on yourself.  Following my week at the retreat I left with a daily practice I can do on my own, and a new confidence about myself and understanding the importance of taking the time to stop and really focus on me.


Diana Smit

Current student at IINH