Healthy Living for Seniors

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As we get older our activity levels may change, appetite & motivation to cook can wane. There can be many transitions such as retirement or less connection with family, who are managing their own daily commitments. As well as possibly a tighter budget to manage utilities and shopping. However, during this time of COVID 19, […]

FIVE Ways to Support Your Immune System Daily

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There is much evidence to show the impact of certain herbal extracts and nutrients on supporting the immune system. However little evidence is yet available on their specific impact on COVID-19.

Let’s use this current information to choose our foods and supplements wisely. We can utilise everyday foods that have proven anti-viral properties to support our […]

Self-Care During Uncertain Times

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We find ourselves thrown into a situation we could never have expected. Despite bulk buying, there are many aspects we could never be prepared for.
We are told that the country, and indeed the world, has not seen a crisis like this in 80 years since World War 2.

Men and women are not heading off to […]

Non toxic Skin care basics: Tips for the beginner!

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If you’re seeking natural, clean, safe or just generally better-for-you personal care, this is the post to help get you started. Whether you’re just looking for some information on how to make better choices or perhaps you want to revamp your makeup and skincare altogether, this post aims to provide you with some […]

Fermented Foods in Pregnancy

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Congratulations if you are reading this because you are pregnant!

It is an exciting time yet also a confusing time with regards to what you should and shouldn’t eat and drink!

In this blog, we explain the benefits of maintaining a healthy gut and vaginal flora for you and your baby and how to do this in […]

What is functional medicine practice? 

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As we continue to grow knowledge and research in the field of health, wellness and nutrition we also see paradigm shifts in the industry in terms of practice and practitioner role. Standard healthcare is now supported by a wide and varied supplementary field of alternative medicine modalities. […]

Study Nutrition in Ireland or UK: Nutrition Course

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Nutrition plays a significant role in our lives, so it’s no surprise that many of us find a passion in this space. While some of us find a love in cooking, others look to study food in more detail either for personal reasons and/or to help others in finding better health, energy and […]

4 Habits You Should Stop Having in 2020

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Happy New Year! This is also the time for New Year’s resolutions and fresh starts. While some find it incredibly inspiring and helpful to set them, others feel it’s stressful and unnecessary. We’re not here to judge – do you. The most important thing to remember is that every day is a chance […]

12 Healthy Habits For The New Year

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Looking at habits can be a gentle, more sustainable approach compared to extreme diets, detoxes and concoctions that will start to surface in the coming weeks. So we hope you enjoy the twist. Here’s the 12 healthy habits countdown…

12 Healthy Habits

1 hour movement/exercise session

Aim for one hour of exercise and/or movement […]

Does protein cause an insulin spike & does this build muscle?

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Protein – You can’t deny it’s a hot topic right now and even the big brands are jumping on board to meet demand. Protein bars, protein cereal, protein bread, protein powders – these items are flying off the shelf. What’s so magical about