Study Nutrition in Ireland or UK: Nutrition Course

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Nutrition plays a significant role in our lives, so it’s no surprise that many of us find a passion in this space. While some of us find a love in cooking, others look to study food in more detail either for personal reasons and/or to help others in finding better health, energy and […]

Nutritional Therapy Student Clinic: Could you Benefit?

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We’re delighted to announce that our nutritional therapy student clinic reopens September 20th. But what exactly happens during a consult and do you even need one? This blog post aims to provide you with some guidance. If you’d like to book an appointment, you can fill out the

The Basics of a Healthy Gut and what you need to know!

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The basics of a healthy gut

The Basics of a Healthy Gut – An Overview:

The ‘gut’ is a real buzz word at the moment but few people are aware of the basic tools that keep your

5 Things you Should do Every Sunday for a More Productive Week.

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I consider myself a wannabe planner. I love writing to-do lists, buying stationary, drawing up hundreds of post-it notes, planning and filling in my calendar….. but when it comes to the crunch, I struggle with the implementation part. Don’t get me wrong, I follow what I […]

What our Class of 2016 have to say….

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Our students receive comprehensive education and practical training in nutrition and lifestyle to optimise their own and others’ health. They graduate with globally recognised qualifications and build successful, rewarding careers in the nutrition and health sector.

IINH is a growing hub for a worldwide community of health […]

Upcoming Open Event With Alison Canavan

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Copy of Beyond the Basics

If you are considering studying Nutrition & Health Coaching or Nutritional Therapy, we highly recommend attending an open event to help you make an informed decision. This is the best way to find out information about our Nutrition Coaching and Nutritional Therapy Courses is […]

Reflections of a Student….

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This week’s post is a little bit different to our usual segment as we invite one of our current students, Denise Wogan, to share her reflections as she progresses through her Nutrition Coaching course. Read about her experience below…

I […]