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Our students receive comprehensive education and practical training in nutrition and lifestyle to optimise their own and others’ health. They graduate with globally recognised qualifications and build successful, rewarding careers in the nutrition and health sector.

IINH is a growing hub for a worldwide community of health coaches and nutritional therapists with a shared passion for educating and empowering people to nurture their health and wellbeing.

The variety of backgrounds of our students makes for a great mix of views and opinions and brings a rich wealth of life experience to the courses. Some students work in the medical sector (as nurses, doctors, pharmacists, dieticians, etc.), or in other wellness professions (acupuncture, massage, fitness, yoga, counselling, etc.). Chefs and teachers are always well represented too. However, many IINH students are from backgrounds unrelated to wellness, their passion very often kindled by a health
experience where good nutrition has played a decisive role.

The video below will introduce you to some of our graduates and let them share a little bit about their experience studying at IINH.

We would be delighted to share more about our programmes here at IINH and invite you to start by watching our sample class!

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Our ALumni

At IINH, our graduates are very important to us and we wish to create a space where they can continue on their journey with us and know they have our full support and guidance in reaching their end goals.