Make That Change: Tips for Success this New Year



The dust has settled on the New Year and now is a good time to get back to your core, to what’s meaningful. For some, it is a time of renewal, for others a brand new start. Having spent time with family and friends or travelling over the festive period, it is an ideal opportunity to go back to basics and rethink what is important as the year begins.

Don’t fear or feel bad about anything – these changes can be made at any time. Look forward to a new beginning!

Little steps are key to achieving and following through on resolutions.

Ease yourself into your goals, bit by bit with these tips:

1. If you are still undecided on whether to get started, believe in the process and it will become easier.
2. If your goal is to increase the amount of exercise you do, begin slowly – make it easy for yourself.
3. Begin on a weekend day such as Saturday.
4. Include the family or a friend and share the experience.
5. Make a conscious decision to move more each day, use the stairs!
6. Take stretch breaks at the office.
7. Find a peaceful place to walk. Ask a neighbour or colleague to join you.
8. Make yourself accountable. Tell your friends, family and colleagues about it.
9. Don’t compare yourself to others.
10. Is your goal in line with your values and beliefs? If it is, it will be easier to continue in the long term.
11. Are you making time for your goals? Do you believe in succeeding? Is this your goal or someone else’s?
12. Why not try something different? Zumba, Spinning, Hot Yoga…
13. Find an activity you truly enjoy. Think back to what you enjoyed as a child.
14. Make time for fun every day.
15. ‘What’s measured is managed’. Keep this in mind and place importance on health – it is yours to manage!

Here are some tools to help you put this into action:

➢ Try a walking meditation and listen to your steps or the sounds around you. Hone in and observe how calm you are feeling. Keep away from distractions such as your phone or music while doing this.
➢ Challenge yourself daily and acknowledge achievements made by writing them down.
➢ Mix up your exercise by alternating between activities such as walking, running and strength training.
➢ Schedule time aside for yourself every day. This way it becomes a positive daily routine.

Studies have proven that we are happier when occupied and reaching our goals. Embracing these steps can heighten your awareness of how to manage and feel at home in your own skin. One step at a time…

And to help you with your Health Goals….Check out these delicious recipes from Maggie’s Kitchen this week

indian spiced omelette 1Kale & Goat Cheese Omelette

Chia Seed Pudding

Smashed Avocado

By Hilary McGee, MPH, Advanced Diploma in Nutrition & Health

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