Round Up 3: New Year, New Resolutions

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Do you set New Year’s Resolutions? A fresh start, a new set of goals to reach, January is that magical time to reflect and set your targets for the year. It’s a welcome opportunity and yet many neglect it or try and fail. I think for most […]

The New Food Pyramid: Why official dietary recommendations differ from current nutritional knowledge

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Last week saw the launch of Ireland’s latest Healthy Food for Life Food Pyramid. This new model brings us closer to the Harvard Pyramid model, designed to make you eat healthier and provide advice on how to balance your diet.

Food For Thought – Mental Health Day

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Oct 10 is World Mental Health Day. Mental health is something that affects all of us. We will all have experience of either someone close to us or ourselves suffering from some sort of

Swapping Out Foods For Better Eating Habits

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If you are among the two-thirds of people in the country who are carrying around excess weight, you have undoubtedly tried a variety of eating plans over the years. Unfortunately, fad diets rarely lead to long-term health and wellness because the root of the problem lies in our daily eating habits.

Losing weight and becoming […]

Ageing, the Healthy Way.

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Getting older is inevitable but unfortunately, staying healthy is not.  So staying well while we age is important if we want to ensure a good quality of life, so we can enjoy the things we like doing most.  There are lots of things we can do to […]