Round Up 3: New Year, New Resolutions



Do you set New Year’s Resolutions? A fresh start, a new set of goals to reach, January is that magical time to reflect and set your targets for the year. It’s a welcome opportunity and yet many neglect it or try and fail. I think for most people, this week’s focus has been on closing off 2016 and getting back to work/school.  And given it’s Friday and attention spans are low to non-existent, we thought we would keep it short and sweet with a round up for the week of things that are trending or we are reading.

Hopefully it might inspire you……

Have you started your New Year’s Resolutions yet? This is an interesting article on typical pitfalls which might help.

Consider becoming a ‘superager‘ this new year. Diet & blood sugar balancing is important to keep memory going.

Do you need some kitchen inspiration? A salad, a soup or a lunch or even an easy dinner maybe? Or a smoothie with nut milk (the dairy farmers aren’t too happy)?

If fitness and general wellbeing isn’t enough of a reason, move more to reduce stress.

Still undecided? Review popular health trends of 2016 and what the experts predict for 2017.


Want to try something new this year? Join Maggie for a cooking class!

And of course spend more time with your family, especially at the dinner table – it’s actually healthier for you.

Happy New Year!


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