Chocolatey Fresh Fruit Salad

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A fun way to encourage your child to eat a greater selection of fruits.


  • Selection of your fruits (local, organic and seasonal is best) 
  • Raw cacao powder or a very light sprinkling of finely grated dark […]

Crunchy Granola Chocolate Bark

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Just 2 simple ingredients: Melted dark chocolate + homemade granola makes for one gorgeous chocolately snack. Check out our gorgeous low-carb homemade granola recipe here.

Makes 1 large kilner jar of chocolate bark


  • 300g dark chocolate (70%)
  • […]

Jack-O-Lantern Bounty Bars

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For Halloween let’s be a bit sneaky, because these gorgeous ‘bounty’ bars are made with such great ingredients. I didn’t use Pumpkin in the name in case it put off certain inquisitive wee folk. But with […]

Natural Aphrodisiac Foods for Valentine’s Day

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Food and sex tend to dominate the human mindset so it’s not much of a surprise that you can eat certain natural aphrodisiac foods to boost your libido. In the spirit of all things love and romance, what better way to get in the mood than through food. The science […]

Fudgy Nutty Pumpkin Brownies

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If you love GOOEY and FUDGY, these gluten free chocolate brownies will hit the spot. Intensely rich and luxurious they are sure to keep the whole family happy. It’s best to check your brownie tray 5 minutes before time as ovens can vary slightly in temperature.

Makes approximately 20-24 […]

Rich Chocolate, Pistachio and Blood Orange Torte

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This delicious GF/Vegan chocolate cake came about when our friend Nisheeth Tak, patron of our favourite restaurant “Rasam” in Glastule phoned me on Saturday evening with a dilemma. Where could he source a vegan and gluten free birthday cake!?…

As well as […]

Chocolate Mincemeat Gingermen

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  • 500 grams 70% dark chocolate, broken into small pieces for tempering (melting)
  • 100 grams 70% dark chocolate
  • 4-5 tablespoons Christmassy mincemeat
  • Silicon holds
  • Thermometer

Gluten Free: Use gluten-free

How to keep your sweet tooth healthy

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Do you crave a little sweet something after a meal, or in the evening? It’s a fact that a lot of us have a sweet tooth. This can be an area where people fall down when it comes to diet, it can be so difficult to think of a healthy sweet treat alternatives. We’ve all […]

Raw Dark Chocolate, Bailey’s and Avocado Mousse with a Toasted Pistachio and Bee Pollen Crumble

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Well, if you love chocolate this really is a super healthy super-fix! Quick to make, but for best results you do need a high power blender to get a very creamy textured mousse.

Bee pollen is a rich source of various nutrients, particularly […]

Raw Chocolate Crunchie Bars

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These scrumptious raw chocolate bars are packed full of goodness and are a great guilt free sweet treat. They are simple and quick to make and are suitable for anyone, including vegans, gluten frees, raw foodies. For lower GI or a diabetic friendly version use figs instead of […]