Student Spotlight: Terrie Pugh from Humble Gut

As part of the IINH Student Spotlight series, we will be visiting some of our alumni from both our Nutrition & Health Coaching and Nutritional Therapy courses to see what sparked their interest in nutrition, discuss their nutrition philosophies and find out what they’ve been up to since studying with IINH.

Terrie Pugh is a qualified Nutritional Therapist and owner of Humble Gut. She is passionate about personalised nutrition and a functional approach to health and wellbeing.

When did you first become interested in nutrition and health?

I always dipped in and out of focusing on healthy eating as I always had tummy troubles since I was child. I had attempted to study before with a n online course but as I was in a very stressful senior retail manager position, I never found time. Then I had been diagnosed with IBS after about constant years back and forth to GP and different doctors. The treatment was a lot of medications. After I got worse with these, I then saw an ad for a nutritionist, saw her and it literally changed my life. When I realised how much better I felt from adapting my diet I wanted to shout it to the world! And set about seeking a college or course.

So what made you decide to study Nutrition and Health Coaching and Nutritional Therapy with IINH?

I was at a fair in the RDS and I was talking to the stand for a different college and I was going to sign up with them but then as I was reviewing them online, I came across IINH and I went with them as I really liked that I could study for one year and become a health coach, the fact I didn’t have to commit to 3 years at first , really swung it for me. Then of course I loved it so much and was excited about the further study in NT then.

You own your own company, Humble Gut, tell us a bit about that. 

As my health issues were all in my gut (as is my mum, sister, brothers, sons) and I knew how much better you could feel if you started some focus on the gut, I wanted that to be my area. I also learned quickly how much stress in work had caused my gut to be upset, I really wanted to focus and learn on the gut brain axis and teach others how they are connected. The brain was always though to control the whole body including the gut, no one seemed to talk of how the gut sends signals to the brain also, so the Brain got all the recognition while the humble gut done a lot of work too but no one seemed to give it the credit it deserves.


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What is the most rewarding part of your job?

When clients tell me they had a daily poop consistently for a week and the pure joy and relief that gives them, after some maybe only going once a week!

From your experience working with clients, do you feel that nutrition and health is well understood? What simple advice would you give people?

No, I think there’s so many mixed messages out there, that it can be over whelming to clients. I’m also always very surprised at how little people know about their own bodies, like how digestion works, where their liver is, how a menstrual cycle works etc but then I remind myself that I too knew very little before I studied. The most regular advice I give, is to tell clients to always start small, just do one change today, that may be committing to starting your day with a fuller breakfast ensuring it has protein in it and build on healthy habits from there.

What is your personal nutrition philosophy

Eat real whole food with adequate protein fats and healthy carbs 80% of the time and enjoy your treat 20% of the time. Listen to your body to feel what is working for you. Don’t cut whole food groups, unless you have a serious allergy, for any length of time without working with a nutritional therapist.


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And what advice would you give to someone who is interested in living a healthier lifestyle?

Book in with me lol! Use a diary, write down everything in your daily life for a week or so, your food, mood, stress, bowel movements, exercise etc

Review it looking on replacing the things that didn’t make you feel good with things that do make you feel good and if you don’t know how to , then work with an NT. Even if you are studying or thinking of studying, having your own NT is a great way to see how your peers operate and will give you great guidance.

And what advice would you give to someone who is considering studying Nutrition and Health Coaching?

Review the colleges that are available, IINH is one of the few credited in Ireland and is also the most flexible as in , if you don’t like it after a year you can still become a health coach.

Don’t underestimate the work that needs to be put in, plan it into your week, every week, and switch all your podcasts, books, webinars, people you follow on social media to nutrition and health, all of our learning styles differ, so if you come at it from all these angles then your bound to pick up the learnings you need.

If you’d like to learn more about Terrie Pugh, you can visit her website Humble Gut or connect with her on the below social media channels.

Instagram NT: humblegut

Instagram Store: humblegut

If you’ve been inspired by Terrie’s story and would like to start a new career, learn more about our Nutrition & Health Coaching and Nutritional Therapy courses.

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