Student Spotlight: Bronwyn Updike

As part of the IINH Student Spotlight series, we will be visiting some of our alumni from both our Nutrition & Health Coaching and Nutritional Therapy courses to see what sparked their interest in nutrition, discuss their nutrition philosophies and find out what they’ve been up to since studying with IINH.

Bronwyn Updike is a qualified Nutrition & Health Coach. She empowers performers, who feel like they are constantly on the go between work, layoffs…and what feels like the end of the world. She shares how to nourish your body for improved digestion, better sleep, a bulletproof stress management system, & efficient physical motion. Together, she works with clients on looking, feeling, and acting their best, from the inside out. Wherever you are in the world you are presenting your best self.

When did you first become interested in nutrition and health?

I first became interested in nutrition & health in 2017 when I had come back on land from my first contract as a dancer on a cruise ship. The food quality on the ship was poor (for the crew), & I came home feeling lethargic, with lethargic digestion. I moved into a theme park contract, as a performer, dancing in shows up to six times a day, six days a week. My energy levels were struggling to make a comeback, & the icing on the cake was suffering my first “serious” injury on contract. I decided that, since movement was out of the question to improve my health, I had to start looking at what was going into my body in order to heal. With that encounter, I came to understand how certain foods helped me heal. I became curious to learn more about what foods could help others heal.

So what made you decide to study with IINH?

I chose IINH because I was looking for a holistic programme that could be done on my time. I appreciate the different learning options that IINH provides, as well as the clear communication in answering the questions that I had in regards to the programme. I wanted a learning opportunity that also provided ways to progress my knowledge; I enrolled in IINH with the full intention of progressing into the NT programme! 

You own your own company, BeU Fitness & Nutrition. Tell us a bit about that.

My goal in my coaching business is to help performers navigate the murky waters of prioritising health in a constant state of physical & emotional stress. Our jobs are incredibly demanding, & more often than not we are living in conditions where we don’t have access to full kitchens, equipment to maintain our strength, our favourite foods, or even the financial means to eat “well.” It was a go go go industry, until covid hit. Performers couldn’t work from home. My business evolved into preparing performers for the anticipated sudden return of the arts! Not only that, it has turned into an opportunity to educate aspiring performers on the benefits of strength training & nutrition to be “stronger than our show.”

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Seeing clients booking work again! A former client went from working background on a tv show to being a dancer for the New York Knicks basketball team. Another client is in the midst of going back into rehearsals for a cruise ship contract. I also find great reward in sharing with young women just how important our health is- for performing, for energy, & for longevity in health as we age.

From your experience working with clients, do you feel that nutrition and health is well understood? What simple advice would you give people?

I think there’s a lot of conflicting information about health & nutrition. Social media influencers, paid endorsements, blogs on health from unqualified writers- it’s a lot to sift through. My advice would be to educate yourself from a reliable, scientific source. As well, take five minutes out of your week to plan a few meals to have ready for the upcoming week. Move in a way that you enjoy, not in a way that society tells you is the best way.

What is your personal nutrition philosophy?

I believe one should aim for consistent variety. I believe in eating in season, and I also believe in eating local! I believe that our bodies thrive & heal from the inside out; what goes into your body essentially goes into how you carry yourself through your workday, your show (in the case of performers), & your lifetime.

And what advice would you give to someone who is considering studying Nutrition and Health Coaching?

If it’s something you feel called to for you, then go for it. In this field, a lot of what we do is coaching clients on how to invest in their own health & wellbeing. If we don’t come from our own understanding of putting ourselves first, then our ability to empathise with clients becomes that much more challenging!

If you’d like to learn more about Bronwyn, her journey as a Nutrition & Health Coach, you can visit her website BeU Fitness & Nutrition or connect with her on the below social media channels.

Instagram: be.ubronnie

Facebook: Be.UFitnessandNutrition 

LinkedIn: Bronwyn Updike

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