What’s The Difference Between A Health Coach & Nutritional Therapist

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is ‘What is the difference between a Nutrition & Health Coach and a Nutritional Therapist?’ We have created a handy table below to explain the differences between these two rapidly growing fields.

Nutrition & Health Coach

Nutritional Therapist

Professional Role Summary

The Nutrition & Health Coach is an expert in lifestyle and behaviour change who partners with those wanting to make sustainable dietary and lifestyle changes to improve their health.

The Nutritional Therapist applies in-depth knowledge of nutrition and physiology in a personalised approach that assists clients to resolve chronic, often complex, conditions and guides them to improve health.

Teaching Programme

The Nutrition & Health Coaching course explores a wide range of key issues around health, food, nutrition and lifestyle. Students learn to apply powerful skills in communication and coaching to educate, guide and support clients towards their wellness-related goals.

Learner assessments are based on a range of practical assignments that include in depth case studies with ‘real’ volunteer clients. This provides the experience and confidence needed for Nutrition & Health Coach graduates to work safely and effectively with future clients.

Based on Functional Medicine principles , the Nutritional Therapy course provides ample knowledge, resources and clinical training for graduates to address clients’ complex health conditions and help them to maximise their ability to restore and maintain good health. Cooking Demonstrations (online and in person) are included as part of the course.

During their final year, students complete extensive training and assessment in clinical practice, including functional testing. This takes place with ‘real’ clients in the IINH Nutritional Therapy Clinic, supervised by expert tutors.

Awards & Qualifications

BTEC Diploma in Professional Nutrition & Health Coaching. Pearson/BTEC qualifications are respected across the world. They are recognised by public and private sector employers, and higher learning institutes.

Our Diploma in Nutritional Science and Therapeutics is a UK level 6 (Ireland Level 8) and is an Ofqual regulated qualification – externally accredited through Crossfields Institute.

Further Learning

Nutrition & Health Coaching graduates may progress to the Nutritional Therapy programme – a further 3 years.

Nutritional Therapy graduates can progress to BSc (Hons) or MSc/DipPG/CertPG through our partnership programme with CNELM and the University of Middlesex.

Course Duration

10 months part- time

3 years part-time


Nutrition & Health Coaches are qualified to offer practical nutrition and health education, guidance and motivation to individuals and groups.

Nutritional Therapists are qualified to investigate and help resolve complex chronic health conditions.

Visit our course pages to learn more about our globally Nutrition & Health Coaching course and Nutritional Therapy course.

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