Gwen Bastian-Enright

Nutritional Therapist & Lecturer for NT Programme

Gwen studied Nutritional Therapy after completing a Masters in Food Science, Technology and Nutrition in 2007 (completing her thesis on nutrigenomics and disease) and wanting to learn more about personalised nutrition. Having graduated from the Institute of Health Sciences in 2015, Gwen set up Gwenright Nutrition alongside working for IHS for 7 years, first as a personal tutor and then as a lecturer and clinic mentor, the roles which also tie into Gwen’s other passion: education. Gwen’s teaching experience spans not only NT and related physiology, body systems and functional medicine, but languages (English & German) as well as horse riding and orienteering skills.

Gwen’s main lecture areas included female hormones and immune dysfunction, as well as chronic conditions like RA and ME/CFS and Long COVID, macro & micronutrients and longevity. Gwen has also been mentoring NT students in clinic for 4 years. Now Gwen has joined IINH on the NT diploma, lecturing on Immune pathophysiology and NT approach. In her own clinic Gwen focuses on women’s health and family nutrition, with particular focus on helping mothers thrive in motherhood and in perimenopause.

Gwen Bastian-Enright: Nutritional Therapist & Lecturer for NT Programme
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