Overnight Oats, Blueberry Compote, Roasted Hazelnut Crunch

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I first came across overnight oats when I lived in Australia over 30 years ago. Back then I thought it strange to eat raw porridge – but times have moved on. This makes for a quick and simple breakfast, lunchbox item or snack. I recently developed this recipe […]

Gluten Free Buckwheat and Buttermilk Pancakes

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These lovely light fluffy pancakes are a fantastic treat for a leisurely lazy weekend breakfast. The buckwheat flour

Gluten-free Buckwheat Pancakes with Sour Cream, Smoked Salmon and Salted Capers



Red Velvet Protein Balls

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These vibrant little protein treats are really easy to make and even easier to eat. Earthy sweet beetroot blended with the chocolaty textures of  Medjool dates, creamy Brazil nuts and warming spices pack an amazing sweet punch.  I reckon you might end up doubling up on this recipe […]

Trick or Treat? Chocolate Pumpkin Peanut Butter Cups

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This is definitely not a trick recipe. These are so delicious that I think they are going to become an all year round favourite. Who would have guessed pumpkin and chocolate could taste so good together. 

Makes 24-34 depending on size of bun cases. […]

Cashew and Turmeric Nutrient Bombs

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These supercharged energy balls also score high in protein, top quality fats, fibre, vitamins, minerals and natural sweetness, as well as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory factors. Being so nutrient dense they will help sustain you when in need of a pick-me-up during the day. Store in an air-tight container […]

Pumpkin and Pecan Cake

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Here’s a healthy take on traditional carrot cake. The ingredient list is rather long – even for me – but the end result well worth it. It’s dairy free and the natural sweetness of the main

Pistachio, Lemon and Cardamon Love Hearts

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Spelt is one of the oldest cultivated wheat types. It is higher in vitamins and minerals than common wheat, however, spelt does contain some gluten (though less than regular wheat).  It is gentler on the digestive system so avoids the bloated feeling you might get from some breads […]

Yummy Healthy Flapjacks

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The thing about making your own snack bars is that you can be sure of what’s in them! These flapjacks are yummy for kids and adults, and naturally sweetened.

The more I work with these little treats the more I realise just how many healthy gems you can hide […]

Bee Happy: Paleo Pollen Pancakes, Topped with Apple Crisp and Orchard Syrup

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Quick and easy to make, these little pancakes are high in protein, low in carbs and super light and fluffy. I often serve mine with apple crisp, coconut yoghurt and a naturally sweetened apple syrup which I purchase from my local farmers […]

Super Dukkah Crumble

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Dukkah is one of my favourite combinations ever. A traditional Egyptian condiment consisting of nuts, herbs and spices. It is mainly used as a dip with bread and olive oil in middle eastern countries. I tend to sprinkle it over everything from chicken to tofu, fish, salads, vegetables etc