Student Spotlight: Aarti Devaraj

Nutrition & Health Coach: Aarti Devaraj

Aarti Devaraj graduated from our Nutrition & Health Coaching Diploma in 2022. In this Student Spotlight, she tells us about her journey with nutrition & health and her experience studying with IINH.

I have a formal degree in Nutrition and Dietetics and completed training as a clinical nutritionist at a reputed hospital. My nutrition philosophy is to take a holistic approach, i.e., to EAT whole foods, EXERCISE regularly, SLEEP well, REST and REFRESH. My focus is on the gut microbiome and how to boost overall gut health. 

I have pursued my passion for nutrition and writing for many years and have written many health articles and blog posts that quickly resonated with my readers. My pieces were featured in many newspapers and magazines of repute. To refine my writing skills, I studied at the London School of Journalism (LSJ) and finished a two-year program in freelance writing in 2019. I am also pursuing a course at Harvard Medical School specializing in writing for medical and scientific journals. (Harvard Medical School Postgraduate Medical Education batch of 2023)

I am building my brainchild currently – my website – ARTYNUTRYDIARY, a project I have worked on for many months. I aim to coach my clients with easy-to-use methodology and tools about eating smart and staying healthy.

Nutrition & Health Coaching

In 2022, I chose to study Professional Nutrition and Health Coaching at IINH because it allowed learners to gain new skills and knowledge through interaction and communication with experts. In addition, they train learners to use evidence-based conversation and provide access to real-world tools to become professional nutrition and health coach. I found studying at IINH to be an exciting and rewarding experience. 

I am proud to say that during one of these discussions with Richard Burton, the founder of IINH, I was inspired to research and write on the gut microbiome and resistant starch, which is currently part of my Literature Review, a scientific journal publication-ready piece.

IINH lecturers teach with great passion and skill.

If you are thinking about studying Nutrition and Health Coaching

  • It will help if you are passionate about science and get curious to learn about food, science, and the human body.

Being a mom of three beautiful children and a proud daughter of great parents, I have had first-hand experience in successfully applying my IINH Nutrition coaching to bettering the health and wellbeing of my family.

I am proud to be an alumna of IINH (International Institute of Nutrition and Health – batch of 2022). I am genuinely grateful for the support I received from the IINH team.

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If you’ve been inspired by Aarti’s story and would like to start a new career, learn more about our Nutrition & Health Coaching and Nutritional Therapy courses.

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