Healthy Lunch Boxes

Healthy Lunch Boxes

Welcome to our Healthy Lunch Boxes course! Are you looking for fresh lunch ideas for yourself or your kids?

Say goodbye to boring lunches! Our course is packed with easy and nutritious options that will make lunchtime enjoyable again. 

The course is accompanied by downloadable handouts and a printable recipe eBook by Maggie designed to nourish digestive wellness.

Here’s what you’ll find inside the Healthy Lunch Boxes course:

  • Simple tips for adding healthier choices to your lunch box.
  • Quick and practical ideas that require little prep time.
  • Balanced meal combinations.
  • Various options, from sandwiches to smoothies, to suit everyone’s taste.
  • Healthy lunch choices available at the supermarket.
  • Why a diverse range of foods and nutrients is essential for a healthy lunch box.
Join us on this journey to revamp your lunch routine and create delicious, nourishing meals every day. Let’s make lunchtime exciting together!
Healthy Lunch Boxes - Mother packing lunch

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Course cost: €9.99


This is a self-paced course, delivered fully online:

  • Access for 6 weeks
  • All the content presented in a downloadable eBook to keep.
  • Additional printable eBook, by Maggie, with practical family-friendly meal recipes; Easy Meals for Busy Mums & Dads

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Cost: €9.99


Ciara Beaugé - Nutrition & Healthy Living Tutor


Ciara qualified as a Nutritional Therapist in 2010 and has been practicing in the area of health and wellness since. Prior to her Nutritional Therapy qualification, she completed a degree in Psychology in UCD.

Ciara has been working for IINH since 2015 as a lecturer and student clinic supervisor.  She is also involved in creating and coordinating short courses for IINH.

Additionally, she sees clients one to one online and in her private clinic in Co Wicklow, Ireland.  

Ciara is a busy Mum of 3 children and understands the daily challenges of nourishing a family!

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