52 Steps to a New You

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The Summer can be a difficult time to keep healthy with lots of BBQs, visitors, drinks, it can be easy to fall out of your healthy habits. Everyone will be getting back to the routine come September. There is a tendency, like at New Year, to go mad, making drastic changes trying to offset the damage done over the Summer, or maybe lose a little holiday weight. Quite often these changes don’t take hold as it was all a bit too much too soon. Little gradual changes are a great way to instil good healthy habits that will last a lifetime.  One change at a time, giving each change a chance to settle in and then moving on to the next one, while keeping the previous one going. Soon all these little changes add up to a whole new you!

Here we’ve laid out 52 small changes for you to add one small change each week of the year, which could mean a new and improved you this time next year! Print the list and stick on your fridge and follow the list or pick and choose as you like, checking off as you go. Good luck!

  1. Drink more water (filtered or bottled)
  2. Eat more vegetables
  3. Eat more fruit
  4. Add more green to your diet
  5. Add seeds to your daily diet
  6. Eat a variety of nuts
  7. Eat protein at every meal/ snack
  8. Eat a little avocado each day
  9. Eliminate gluten
  10. Drink lemon water every morning
  11. Add beneficial oils e.g extra virgin olive oil
  12. Change marg/spreads to real butter
  13. Cook with coconut oil
  14. Try goats milk, raw milk or nut milks
  15. Use natural beauty products
  16. Add an extra half hour exercise a day
  17. Eliminate dairy
  18. Try alternative grains e.g oats, millet, buckwheat, spelt
  19. Add nut/seed butters to your day
  20. Change all white to brown
  21. Cut out sugar
  22. Add a little seaweed to your diet
  23. Add sprouts to your diet (maybe sprout your own!)
  24. Go to a country market
  25. Make your own soup
  26. Plant some veg
  27. Grow your own herbs
  28. Keep blood sugar balanced by eating regular low GI meals/snack (no 6 helps with this)
  29. Change to dark chocolate (you can gradually move from milk to 70%, to 85% & 90%)
  30. Eat mindfully
  31. Use more herbs & spices
  32. Eat more brightly coloured fruit/veg e.g beetroot, blueberries
  33. Use flaxseed/ chia seeds
  34. Freeze banana/avocado/berries for smoothies
  35. Prep meals the night before
  36. Keep a food diary
  37. Practice mindfulness/ meditation
  38. Chew food well (each bite at least 20 times)
  39. Drink herbal tea
  40. Don’t rush food only eat when calm, take a few belly breaths first
  41. Try a green juice/smoothie
  42. Keep healthy snacks where u need them to avoid reaching for wrong thing
  43. Read labels
  44. Eat local food
  45. Eat more oily fish (tinned salmon/mackerel is an easy option)
  46. Up your 5 a day to 8 or more a day (fit veg/fruit into every meal/snack)
  47. Eat fermented food e.g kimchi, kefir, etc
  48. Add good quality natural probiotic yogurt to your day
  49. Have a few vegetarian days in the week
  50. Eat organic
  51. Read up on the benefit of healthy eating, recipes, etc , do your own research
  52. Cut down alcohol

Kara Reilly, Current Student

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