Top 20 Activities to Kickstart Summer


Summer’s here at last! It’s great to see the weather getting better and we’re moving things outdoors again after the hibernation of our Irish winter. Life is hectic and in our downtime, there’s always phones, TV and electronic devices tempting the whole family to stay inside, rather than getting out. There may be an initial moan or groan, but getting out in the fresh air always ends with a smile on the face and feeling better, more energetic. So we’ve come up with a list of 20 fun ‘healthy’ activities for all the family. These activities are a great way to teach kids (and grown-ups!) about getting out and enjoying good, healthy locally produced food.

  1. Visit a country market
  2. Have a picnic on the beach
  3. Dig a veggie patch
  4. Visit a local producer
  5. A walk in the woods with a packed lunch
  6. Plant some seeds or a fruit tree
  7. Get the kids in the kitchen – some healthy baking, fruit kebabs, pancakes
  8. Make a trip to an alternative eatery, something you haven’t tried before
  9. Visit the English Market in Cork
  10. Have some fun making food art
  11. A long cliff or seaside walk, followed by a well earned dinner
  12. Watch an educational foodie movie, ‘That Sugar Film’ is great
  13. Have a participation party, make your own healthy pizza or crepes
  14. Have fun experimenting with different juices/smoothies
  15. Visit a food festival, make a weekend of it! Wexford is coming up!
  16. Research cooking workshops in your area, they are popping up all over
  17. Attend a foodie talk or seminar, there’s always something to learn!
  18. Visit an open farm
  19. Explore a kitchen garden at a local hotel/house
  20. A fishing trip, the look on the face when there’s a bite is just priceless!

So go on, get out and enjoy!

Kara Reilly – Nutritional Therapy Student

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