Gluten & Wheat-free Cooking & Baking

Gluten Free Class


DATE:9th April 2016
TIME:10.30 – 16.00
VENUE:                                Taste Health Kitchen, 58 Cois Culainn, Loughlinstown, Dublin
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Do you find it tough being off Gluten/Wheat AND staying healthy?

Despite GF products and ingredients being everywhere these days, wholesome, nutrient-dense and low-GI alternatives can be very hard to find.

This class is designed to empower you with top-class information and kitchen confidence, fortified with a range of delicious wholefood GF recipes, including dairy and sugar-free options.

Who is the course for?

  • People with coeliac disease or intolerance to gluten or wheat, plus anyone wanting to improve their health, update their nutrition knowledge and learn how to bring healthy GF foods, ingredients, cooking and baking into their daily lives.
  • Healthcare professionals looking for better understanding and practical help to support their patients/clients.
  • Nutritional Therapy and Nutrition Coach graduates and students looking for inspiration and help around the practical side of nutrition: recipes, sourcing and combining wholesome ingredients, healing spices and herbs, menu ideas, tips and tricks for baking and storage, among others.

Course Style and Content

  • This class is presented in a relaxed, informal style, with plenty of time for questions and discussions. Maggie will demonstrate about a dozen recipes for you, including yeast bread, soda bread, scones, pancakes, granola, quiche, tempura-battered fish and vegetables, quinoa, hummus, a yummy cake, among others.
  • An IINH Nutritional Therapist will also be on hand to answer specific questions, e.g. about health problems that can arise from poorly managed intolerances. You will leave this class full of confidence, empowered with practical, up-to-date knowledge to make better informed choices for healthy eating with GF foods.
  • There is a break for a light lunch, cooked by Maggie, and the day culminates around the dinner table with a plateful of the delicious foods you have seen prepared.

Information pack on the day includes:

  • All 10-12 demonstrated recipes + how to tweak them in case of other intolerances: egg, dairy etc.
  • Handouts on healthier GF whole grains, flours and binders.
  • Guidelines, tips and tricks for gluten-free baking, including sourcing, flour combining and storing.
  • Healthy product options for those sensitive to milk products or other foods.
  • Quick and easy substitutions for preparing meals that have to be gluten-free yet suited to the whole family.
  • Lots of ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, eating out, snacks and drinks.
  • Info on anti-inflammatory spices, herbs, teas etc.
  • Understanding the importance of a wholefood diet, specially if coeliac or gluten/wheat intolerant.
  • Knowing that making healthier GF foods and choosing better ingredients and products is actually quite simple.
  • Tips for achieving health-supporting and satisfying eating habits.
  • Learning from the experiences, stories and advice of others

Outline of Class

10.15 – 10.40am

Welcome, tea and coffee


Maggie introduces the Taste Health kitchen team and Nutritional Therapist


Part 1 of cooking demonstration, including input from NT and discussions

1pm: Lunch Break

Mug of soup and time to chat with others


Part 2 of demonstration, including Q&A and discussion


The Taste Health Kitchen turns into a pop up restaurant! We enjoy all the delicious dishes prepared over a glass of wine.

More on Maggie’s specialist work at IINH:

Maggie has a rare talent for creating practical recipes and tasty dishes for adults and children with special dietary requirements. She offers bespoke one-to-one training and private group sessions for people with diabetes, cancer, coeliac disease, intolerances, inflammatory bowel diseases, among others. Recipes and menu plans can be created to satisfy an individual’s unique blend of dietary requirements, preferences and circumstances.