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DATE:30th January 2016
TIME:10.30 – 16.00
VENUE:                                Taste Heath Kitchen, 58 Cois Culainn, Loughlinstown, Dublin
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Our Taste Health class is designed for those wanting understanding, inspiration and useful advice to enhance their own and family’s eating habits and health. More than just a cooking demonstration, you will find the day empowering, fun, full of cutting edge nutritional insights and – most of all – practical.

Who is the course for?

  • Anyone keen to improve their own and/or family’s health through better nutritional knowledge and dietary habits.
  • Healthcare professionals and assistants wanting better understanding and practical help to support their patients or clients to eat more healthily.
  • Nutritional Therapy and Nutrition Coach graduates and students looking for inspiration and help around the practical side of nutrition: recipes, menu ideas, sourcing and combining wholesome ingredients, smart use of spices and herbs, among others.

Course Style and Content

  • The Taste Health class is presented in a relaxed, informal style. While Maggie demonstrates and explains a range of recipes, a Nutritional Therapist will discuss and answer specific questions relating to diet and health issues, such as sugar, fats, food intolerances and successful weight control, among others.
  • There is a break for a light lunch, cooked by Maggie, and the day culminates around the dinner table with a plateful of the delicious foods you have seen prepared.

Information pack on the day includes:

A folder of handouts, including:

  • Taste Health Better Brand List, for pantry and fridge.
  • Tips on sourcing and storing ingredients.
  • Healing Benefits of Foods: what they help prevent and healing including nutrient profile of a range of wholefoods.
  • Tips for implementing a healthier diet: Taste Health – in your Daily Life.
  • The importance of a wholefood diet for enhancing and safeguarding your own and your family’s health.
  • Knowledge, recipes and practical advice to help you create simple, healthy and tasty wholefood-based dishes for the whole family to enjoy.
  • Maggie’s tips on how to adapt dishes to match your budget, or tweak them to manage different tastes or food intolerances.
  • Healthier options for those avoiding dairy, sugars, wheat, etc.
  • 10-12 Taste Health recipes – most based on plant foods but including one fish or chicken recipe on the day. Flavours and dishes from around the world, all vibrant in taste, colour, freshness and good energy. Whole foods will never be boring again!
  • For practitioners, practical knowledge and recipes etc to pass on to clients.
  • Learning from other people’s stories and advice. We work as a team to continually support each other.
  • Expert knowledge, answers and solutions from a Nutritional Therapist.
  • Finally….. At Taste Health we enjoy everything in moderation – including a glass of wine to accompany the delicious dishes demonstrated on the day!

Outline of Class

*10.15 – 10.40am

Welcome, tea and coffee


Maggie introduces the Taste Health kitchen team and Nutritional Therapist


Part 1 of cooking demonstration, including input from NT and discussions

1pm: Lunch Break

Mug of soup and time to chat with others


Part 2 of demonstration, including Q&A and discussion


The Taste Health Kitchen turns into a pop up restaurant! We enjoy all the delicious dishes prepared over a glass of wine.

*Timings are approximate

More on Maggie’s specialist work at IINH:

Maggie has a rare talent for creating practical recipes and tasty dishes for adults and children with special dietary requirements. She offers bespoke one-to-one training and private group sessions for people with diabetes, cancer, coeliac disease, intolerances, inflammatory bowel diseases, among others. Recipes and menu plans can be created to satisfy an individual’s unique blend of dietary requirements, preferences and circumstances.