Awesome Avocado Salad with Super Dukkah Crumble

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When it comes to nutritional benefits the awesome avocado is a true superhero. Rich in monounsaturated fats, high in potassium, folic acid and E, K and B vitamins, it is a fantastic addition to your diet. […]

Yummy Healthy Flapjacks

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The thing about making your own snack bars is that you can be sure of what’s in them! These flapjacks are yummy for kids and adults, and naturally sweetened.

The more I work with these little treats the more I realise just how many healthy gems you can hide […]

Salmon & Nori Fish Cakes with Tomato Basil and Caper Salsa

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These fishcakes are simple to make and a great way of using up leftovers. These ones are child friendly. Using oily fish gets omega-3s and vit D into your child’s diet.
They can be spiced up a little by tweaking the

Super Dukkah Crumble

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Dukkah is one of my favourite combinations ever. A traditional Egyptian condiment consisting of nuts, herbs and spices. It is mainly used as a dip with bread and olive oil in middle eastern countries. I tend to sprinkle it over everything from chicken to tofu, fish, salads, vegetables etc

Pan Seared Salmon, Nori and Garlic Butter, Minted Peas, New Potatoes

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A very simple to prepare family dinner. Oily fish such as salmon, herring (kippers), sardines, mackerel and trout are top sources of omega-3 essential fatty acids and also contain vitamin D.</p>

Try to include oily fish in your diet 1-2 times per week. Salmon is lovely served hot or […]