Cutting out sugar in tea and coffee

One day about 25 years ago now, I was drinking tea with a friend. When he saw me pouring tons of sugar into mine, he said ‘sugar in tea tastes disgusting’ and that I should try leaving it out for 4 weeks. He bet me that I’d never want to use it again after that. I have always loved challenges, and if it didn’t work, I could always go back sugar. But if it did work, I could save a lot of calories (that’s all that concerned me back then. I had no idea till recently how sugar affects us negatively in so many other ways).

Well, I remember that first cup of tea without sugar – it was vile, tasteless and bitter! I regretted my challenge straight away, but I decided to stick with it for the next 4 weeks anyway. Needless to say, the first cup with sugar again also tasted disgusting!

Lesson learned: Don’t ever say you can’t do without something! It’s always worth a try to leave out stuff when you know it’s not really good for you. I always remember my sugar challenge when I think that I couldn’t possibly live without some food or other.

Ilona Madden Nutrition & Health Coaching student