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Sports Nutrition Course for Weight Control & Performance

This exciting new IINH course is packed with practical information, instruction and insights. It is designed for sports enthusiasts, personal trainers, coaches and other health and fitness professionals keen to explore personalised nutrition approaches for themselves or their clients.

Moving beyond the era of simply counting calories and macros, functional sports nutrition address deficiencies, dysfunctions and imbalances mainly through individually tailored adjustments to food and lifestyle. The aim is to restore optimal health and function using a personalised approach that supports the individual’s unique blend of goals, needs, circumstances and preferences.

As we see ‘one-size-fits-all’ rapidly giving way to more effective bespoke approaches in weight control, sports performance and healthcare, fitness enthusiasts and professionals are keen to update and enhance their understanding and practice.

What is Sports Nutrition for Weight Control & Performance?

The programme provides the understanding and practical skills training needed to inform and coach clients to adopt wholefoods-based eating plans optimised for their unique individual needs and goals. Participants will gain understanding and practical training in vital aspects of healthy eating and lifestyle to optimise their own and others’ health.

What does this course enable you to do?

This sports nutrition course is ideal for those who want the best possible results from their training, in terms of weight/fat loss, performance and overall wellness. The cutting-edge information and practical skills training provided will enable anyone into sports and fitness to help themselves or their clients optimise the power of wholesome food and sensible hydration to achieve their weight-, body composition- or performance goals, and to strengthen their health.

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For personal trainers and coaches, completing this sports nutrition course will enable you to devise safe, effective and do-able personalised nutrition plans. Combining bespoke training for weight-loss/performance with a personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan vastly improves client outcomes and satisfaction. You will learn to ask clients the right questions, identify and address their unique key issues, create workable eating and lifestyle plans, and then guide and motivate them to success over the following weeks and months.

Course Outline

Each unit will deliver key elements of nutrition and lifestyle coaching concepts in an easy to understand format. The main purpose of this course is to equip participants with sufficient knowledge, skills and practical tools to help themselves and their clients adopt safe, appropriate and effective personalised nutrition programmes to support successful weight/fat loss and sports performance – and make them stick!

  • Unit 1. Introduction, Nutrients, Food Groups

  • Unit 2. Digestion, Healthy Microbiome

  • Unit 3. Personalised Nutrition Coaching

  • Unit 4. Nutrition Myths, Dogmas and Developments

  • Unit 5. Decoding Product Labels for Smarter Choices

  • Unit 6. Lifestyle Habits, Stress and Sleep

  • Unit 7. Tools for Fitness, Monitoring and Coaching (Practical Day)

  • Unit 8. Case Studies (Practical Day)

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Course Details

course length

Course length:

6 weeks

Next Course Runs

Next Course Runs:

March 06, 2020

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Can be completed fully Online

Optional Classroom day is held at The Blackrock Education Centre, Kill Avenue, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin


Delivery format:

Delivery is via online lectures and tutorials plus a classroom day  This includes activities such as live Metabolic Testing, VO2 Max Testing, and Food Labeling Workshop.

  • All course materials released via online platform.
  • Live streamed lectures and tutorials (7.00pm – 8.30pm Irish time)

Note: All sessions, including tutorials, will be recorded for revision and for those unable to attend.

time commitment

Time Commitment:

Estimated 3-6 hours of study per week (including attending or downloading classroom sessions, home study and reading).


Additional Support:

  • Classroom day is complemented with 3 online, interactive tutorials (all recorded for later listening)
  • Classroom day is practical: Metabolic Testing, VO2 max Testing, Food Labeling Workshop
  • Participants are encouraged to participate with client case examples for discussion
  • Presentation and discussion of a range of health-, fitness- and weight monitoring tools and techniques, as well as coaching and meal tracking tools useful in practice
  • Private Facebook group with daily support and interaction
  • Online platform with all content – notes, audio recordings (all sessions) and videos (some sessions) – available to all participants.

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Tutors and Guest Speaker:

  • Lyda Borgsteijn, Co-owner CrossFit Solas, Certified Nutritional Therapist, Coach and Speaker. Lyda specialises in paleo nutrition, blood sugar regulation, digestive health and energy balance and works with fitness enthusiasts and athletes on diet analysis, planning, implementing and monitoring specific nutrition programmes and supplement protocols tailored to their sport and individual needs. Current and past clients include triathletes, ironmen, indoor football players, rowers and CrossFit​ competitors.
  • Ian Madden has been coaching and competitively training in CrossFit for 11+ years. Having worked in four different CrossFit gyms in Ireland and Canada, he now heads up CrossFit Solas in Greystones. As a student of neuromuscular physical therapy, Ian’s interests have always centred around movement and functional fitness. Today, he works with clients of all ages and fitness as well as with larger corporate programs focused on health and wellbeing.
  • Sean Kinane, experienced gym instructor, personal trainer, qualified Nutrition & Health Coach and Nutritional Therapy student. Sean’s company Health Matters specialises in fitness testing, performance enhancement and other health-related programmes. He will demonstrate metabolic Testing (Day 1) and VO2 Testing (Day 2) in class, with attendees as volunteers. Sean also lectures on ITEC and ASCM fitness courses, delivers a Health and Fitness module with SOLAS and has developed a Schools Health Education and Awareness Programme, currently in operation in primary schools across Dublin. Seán has also devised and delivers a section of the Endurance module with Dr. Liam Hennessy in Setanta College.​
  • Richard Burton, IINH founder and director, is a nutritionist (BSc Hons) with over 40 years experience in creating personalised nutrition plans for clients with a wide spectrum of health and fitness goals. Richard will present some of the nutrition material and help any participants who have questions relating to their own or clients’ health & fitness issues.
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IINH Certificate of Completion


Classes will only proceed where sufficient enrolments are received. If not viable, IINH reserves the right to cancel a class.

Alternatives and/or refunds will be offered in the case of cancellation.


Course fee €495 Payment


A full refund minus 10% admin fees will be issued when cancellation of booking is requested up to 2 weeks before the start of class.

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