Skin Deep: Beauty Food For Your Face

Free Live Webinar with Nutritional Therapist Brendan O’Brien 

Looks leave a lasting impression, yet skin conditions are on the rise and damaged skin has become the norm!  It doesn’t have to be this way!

Learn how to spot flawed skincare advice even from experts, understand the messages your skin if trying to tell you, and recognise the truth that’s hiding under cover of bias!

Take a journey through your largest organ with Nutritional Therapist Brendan O’Brien and see the best way to improve your complexion by stuffing your face with food!

About Brendan

Brendan O’Brien NT MSc is a Nutritional Therapist practising in Limerick who has taken time out from his specialisation of Fertility support to talk to us about his clinical experience dealing with Skin conditions.

Brendan can be reached at or [email protected].

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