Self care for busy people, written by Holistic Therapist and IINH Team Member Karen Ward and featured in Naturally Good Health Magazine.

If you are a child, a lover or a colleague what do you need in a parent, partner or peer? A positive environment with someone trustworthy who can support you to live your own healthy and happy life?

How would you feel if that someone was stressed or even burnt out, fatigued or overloaded? This is a scenario that can happen so easily. We are passionate about caring for others but who cares about us? If we go to a gym or fitness class, the first thing we do is look at a person and see if they look fit and healthy. The people we care for look at us to see if we are balanced in our lives, empathic to their situation and in a position emotionally and mentally to be ourselves.

We all need balance in our lives between work, home, romance, family and socialising. When the balance goes and we feel less healthy, fit or relaxed then we often succumb to the effects of stress. Let’s go back to basics and see how we can look after ourselves as best as possible so that we can be there for the people who need our care during the busy autumn season.

  • Breathe Often
  • Time out
  • Hollywood heaven
  • Holistic delights
  • Romance yourself
  • Be creative
  • Talk it out
  • Attitude of gratitude
  • Distract yourself

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About Karen Ward

Karen Ward, Energy Therapist of BBC’s The Last Resort and Holistic Therapist presenter on RTE’s Health Squad is the co-author of The Health Squad Guide to Health & Fitness and author of Change a Little to Change a Lot. Her very popular relaxation CD, Heartspace: Relax, Renew & Restore, is available from her website for €10 (