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    1. First prepare the nori and garlic butter and keep in fridge.
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>Brush the salmon pieces with melted butter or olive oil. Heat a frying pan until hot and pan-fry salmon until cooked for 4-6 minutes, turning once after about 3 minutes.

  • Simmer peas 2-3 minutes, drain, season and toss with shredded mint, butter or olive oil.
  • Place portion of peas on plate, sit the salmon alongside peas and top with slice of nori and garlic butter. Serve with boiled, buttered new potatoes.


Method: Nori and Garlic Butter

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Maggie's Tips

      • Use nori and garlic butter as a spread for garlic bread; to flavour soups; over fish such as scallops, stir-fry prawns, white fish, whole fish, mussels on top of a steak e.g. ‘surf and turf’; over roast potatoes; tossed through pasta, etc.
      • Ask your fish monger to skin, fillet and pin-bone your fish for you, it will save you time and he will only be to delighted to help.