Fresh from being crowned Mr Ireland, Karl Bowe talks to Naturally Good Health Editor, Rachel Symonds, about losing weight, the importance of fitness and being a good role model.

Look at a picture of the tall, dark and handsome Karl Bowe and you wouldn’t think this Dublin native had struggled with his image in the past. But this model, former X Factor hopeful and recently crowned Mr Ireland, admits as a teenager he was overweight, and subjected to bullying for this. But instead of getting angry and negative, Karl decided to take positive action, choosing to lose weight the healthy way and, along the journey, discovering a real passion for fitness. “I had a very sweet tooth and it resulted in me putting on a lot of weight when I was young. Because of my weight, I used to get bullied a lot,” Karl recalled. “I just used to pig out and didn’t work out. When I was young, I didn’t care how I looked. But it was like I woke up one morning and decided things had to change as I knew if I went on like this, it would not be good for my health. So I decided one day just to go running, I then grew up a bit and lost some weight as I got taller and just carried on being healthy – I changed how I ate.”

‘Karl says he is conscious of the things he puts in his body, having had issues with food in the past, and especially because he needs to fuel his exercise regime. It helps, of course, that his mum is a nutritionist, so can give him the right advice about what to eat.
“I like working out’

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As published in the recent edition of  Naturally Good Health Magazine