Margaret Loughran talks about Body Cleanse – time for a clay revival

Congratulations to our third year Nutritional Therapy student Margaret Loughran who has a 3 page spread in the Mentoring Feature section of the latest edition of Nutrition iMag.

In this article Margaret explores the amazing healing properties of clay.  The list of uses for clay in our modern society is long and diverse and includes paint, bricks, tiles, plastics, paper, rubber, crayons, ceramics and cosmetics.  Yet historically clay was used for detoxification and body cleansing.  See Margaret’s feature on pages 14-16 on this link to the online edition of Nutrition iMag:

Margaret Loughran is in her final year of Nutritional Therapy at the Irish Institute of Nutrition & Health in Ireland.  She has a particular interest in health concerns of vegans and vegetarians.