Rachel Young

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Eat Food Right provides awareness, education, inspiration and empowerment to people about eating nutritious foods.  Everyone is unique and my approach in working with people is just that.  I work with clients individually; providing individual plans, a personalised grocery shopping service and in house private cooking classes.  I also host lunch and learns, workshops and […]

Caroline Swords

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360me takes a very individual holistic approach to health. Working with small groups but mainly
individuals, Caroline Swords takes an in-depth look at the whole picture – one’s food consumption, the
lifestyle elements, stress levels, underlying health issues, family situation – all the factors that
contribute towards an imbalance in one’s life. Her recommendations cover not just food […]

Eileen O’Grady

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I provide nutritional programmes aimed at weight management and to improve general health. Health issues may include fertility problems, diabetes, cardiovascular health, stress and digestive issues. My nutritional programmes consist of an initial consultation to address all aspects of health, lifestyle and diet. From this I provide the client with recommendations specific to their needs. I […]

Genevieve Loughnane

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I specialise in Weightloss and nutrition for the menopausal lady. I offer private and professional coaching sessions to help you break down your goals into specific actions that are relevant, practical and manageable for your life and unique lifestyle. The reassurance that you are not alone on your journey and that there is always someone […]

Laura Murphy

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I am passionate about transformation and wellbeing.  In 2005 I began to develop several chronic illnesses which stopped me in my tracks but also led me on a fascinating journey.  During this 14 year expedition, I have transformed my life beyond recognition.

I take a holistic approach to coaching, recognising that the […]

Corinne Carthy

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As a fervent believer in detoxification to obtain ultimate health and vitality, for the last 8 years, I have been doing yearly 7 and 14-day Fasts in France.

Having experienced at first hand our tremendous ability to self-heal during a fast, I wanted to share with people the wonderful physical and mental […]

Paul Juggins

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Nutrition Unravelled is a nutrition & health coaching service, dedicated to providing custom made nutrition & wellness programmes, suited to your unique needs.

You will learn about nutrition in a straightforward way that will remove confusion and unlock a deep understanding of how to nourish your body and mind.

Paula Hynes

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As a Nutrition & Health Coach, it is my goal to empower my clients into leading a healthier way of life through making sustainable dietary changes, incorporating exercise and practising mindfulness. Following 12 year’s working within the natural health food industry I have gained a wealth of knowledge in the area of nutrition […]

Niamh Moran

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We are all unique and there is no one size fits all but everyone deserves to achieve optimum wellness. It’s important to look at our whole being. As a health and nutrition coach I work with and support individuals, social and corporate groups helping them achieve their personal health and nutrition goals. I also work […]

Ana Santos

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Certified Nutrition and Health Coach with a background in Occupational Health Nursing, Holistic Massage Therapy, Business and Event Management in Health & Wellness area.

Blogging about sustainable, healthy and ethical lifestyle.

Great interest in coaching areas such as Fertility, Fitness and Mental Health.

Currently only online consultations as […]