Healthy Eating: The Big Mistake with Dr Verner Wheelock

In his explosive new book pioneering academic Dr Verner Wheelock harnesses his years of research to prove why carbohydrates are one of our worst nutritional enemies.

His most dramatic claims surround Type 2 diabetes with Dr Wheelock demonstrating how the ‘official’ high-carb/ low-fat advice has disastrously helped to create an escalating epidemic.

The other key topic will be the diet/heart hypothesis, in which blood cholesterol is regarded as an important risk factor for heart disease. Evidence will be presented to show that this cannot be substantiated. The reality is that those who comply with the cholesterol guidelines actually have the highest all-cause mortality.

Finally, there will be some consideration of how and why these approaches have emerged and what can be done to achieve the necessary policy changes.

This  90-minute will take place on Wednesday, May 30th from 7 pm GMT.

Verner Wheelock

About Verner Wheelock

Dr Wheelock was born and spent his early life in Co. Wexford. He attended the Methodist College in Belfast and graduated in chemistry and agricultural chemistry at Queen’s University. He worked on milk secretion in dairy cows at the National Institute for Research in Dairying and was awarded a PhD by the University of Reading on the subject. He went on to head up the food policy research unit at the University of Bradford and ended his career as Special Professor of Food Science at Nottingham University.

Subsequently, he and his wife, Jan, started Verner Wheelock Associates, a Skipton-based business that provides training and consultancy in food safety and related topics aimed primarily at the food manufacturing industry. His daughter, Alison, now runs the company.

That frees him to devote most of his time to researching and writing on topics related to human health and nutrition.

He is active on social media and spreads evidence-based nutrition information through tweets and his blog, Verner’s Views. He brings the eagle eye of the food scientist onto the myths of nutrition dogma and unscientific dietary guidelines worldwide.




Book can be purchased from Amazon (Kindle version also available).

Registration for this webinar is now closed, but you can watch the replay by clicking the link below.