food and culture presentation and discussion

Food and Culture with Nicole Crabtree, IINH certified NT

How do we interact with clients from different cultures and experiences?

How do we expand menu plans to include/consider cultural norms?

How can we use multi-cultural meal ideas in Nutritional Therapy and Nutrition Coaching menu plans?

Nicole Crabtree will explore these questions with the audience in a 90-minute interactive online session on Thursday, February 15th from 7 pm GMT.

We invite you to bring your favourite ethnic recipes and products to add your voice and experience to the session. As well Nicole will provide some ideas of her own, all will be compiled and available following the session via Zoom.

Registering for this event will qualify for 1.5 CPD points with NTOI.

Nicole Crabtree

About Nicole

Nicole Crabtree is a Nutritional Therapist working internationally as a Health Coach, Personal Coach, and Intercultural Trainer for both individuals and organizations. Her professional interests include how food and culture relate physiologically and psychologically as well as women’s health and how, given the right nutrients, everybody can effectively address imbalances, making us more effective in our professional capacities and balanced and happy in our personal life. Living in other cultures has given Nicole a deep understanding of the role, food plays in culture, and she is committed to sharing her passion with her friends, teams, and clients.

“IINH gave me the chance to combine my greatest passions, food, culture, travel, and the joy of sharing meaningful connections, internally and externally.”

Beyond her passion for food and nutrition, Nicole has a wide range of skills she uses to empower individuals and teams to discover and embody their own potential. As a United States Peace Corps volunteer in Vladivostok, Russia, Nicole spent two years working in the development of emerging markets.

Following this, she spent the next eight years living and working throughout the Russian Federation on various development projects. She has as well lived and worked in Switzerland, Turkey, Italy and the U.S. and is committed to sharing her deep cultural understanding with her students and clients.
Nicole is a dual Swiss-US citizen and speaks Italian, Russian, and Turkish in addition to her native English. In addition to being a Nutritional Therapist, she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Marketing with an emphasis in Communications.

Nicole is available for private and group sessions on how to integrate cultural concepts into your practice, as well her full range of Coaching and NT services specialized in the navigation of life changes; personal, nutritional, professional. Check out her playful site for travel and recipe ideas:

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