I recently had the pleasure of teaching a series of cooking days to the 2014 Nutrition & Health Coach students. Our new ‘Taste Health’ kitchen was full of passionate, hungry foodies –

I could not be happier!


These are my favourite cooking demonstration days. It’s like having a group of friends around for dinner who all have the same thing in mind – ‘Food is our best medicine – and let’s enjoy it too’!


Each cooking day started with ‘Wake up little Smoothie’ – made from lovely organic fruit, vegetables, Udo’s oil and seeds and a great way to start the day. At break time, the wholemeal GF and dairy-free scones got the thumbs up as lovely, light and really tasty… ‘who would know they were GF’. The mix can also be used for GF pizza bases and little savoury canapes.


We did a hearty Mexican bean soup for lunch. This can be adapted into any number of dishes, so a good one for your recipe library. Nori & Basil Organic Salmon with crushed pink peppercorns followed. The marinade works well with lots of other fish and meat dishes, and Nori is a great way to up our trace mineral intake.


Next came a dish bursting with super-food flavours: saffron quinoa with lemon, cranberries, feta and roasted cauliflower.


Spinach and herb frittata is a good Monday dish – a great way of using up leftovers and so easy to cook in little muffins trays for kiddy lunch boxes.


Beetroot hummus – gorgeously pink, creamy and nutrient dense.


Tofu brown rice followed. Remember that pieces of organic bacon, chicken, pork or prawns are equally as good in this quick supper dish.


Of course every good nutrition coach understands the vital importance of a good treat! So chocolate & orange torte, and date, orange & almond truffles were the final flourish on the day’s menu – helped down with a glass of organic wine, needless to say!


We have great plans for our new ‘Department of Cooking’ at IINH, and 2015 is shaping up to be exciting for us all. I’m looking forward to your inputs and ideas for things to support you in your journey with us this year. And beyond, too, when you are qualified Coaches. The great thing about food is that we can all inspire and learn from each other. So sharing our ideas is what will make things really happen.


Thanks again to all of you who made it to the classes, and again to those who sent me such lovely feedback.


Happy, Healthy Christmas to You All !

From Maggie and her Kitchen Angels – Gemma and Cindy