How mindfulness and relaxation can help with weightloss

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Constant slogging in the gym, counting calories, watching what we eat….and getting nowhere! Sound familiar? So many of us are stuck in this cycle, with no results to show for it. I recently had a major revelation in this regard. For months I had been racing off to the gym a few times a […]

A happy healthy Easter

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So Easter is almost upon us. That time of year again, chocolate eggs everywhere we look, Easter egg hunts, doting grandparents bearing Easter treats! All we can do is try to minimise the amount of junk that the kids eat! It can be so difficult to find the balance between allowing them to have fun […]

Don’t Be Afraid of Fats

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Repeat after me….FAT IS GOOD!

I know, this may be going against all your beliefs, for years we have been told that a low fat, high carb diet is the key to weight management and preventing health problems. But this is not the case, studies from recent years have proven that a low carb, […]

Purple Sprouting Broccoli, Chargrilled Artichoke, Green Olives, Petit Pois & Quinoa Salad with Lemon Olive Oil and Sheep’s Feta Crumble

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Quinoa, prounced ‘keen-wah’ is a gluten-free alternative to cereal grains.  It is a relative of spinach and swiss chard. It has been called the ‘Caviar of grains’ ‘Mother

Turmeric – a Spice for Long Life

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By Richard Burton, Founder & Director IINH

A recent UK survey found that the disease of old age most feared is no longer cancer, but – by a large margin – the dreaded diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Progress to find effective drugs to treat AD has been dismal. Billions have been wasted looking for […]

Coconut oil is fast becoming known as a miracle oil

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This is due to the incredible number of benefits it can have on almost every part of our bodies.

Not only does it provide so many different physical and internal health benefits, it smells delicious too. The reason it has become so popular is that recent scientific […]