Career in Nutrition: Today’s blog spotlight is on Nadia Guido – Haugh

Nadia is a Nutritional Therapist  focusing on Optimum Energy through Nutrition

Nadia graduated as Nutritional Coach in 2011 and will graduate as Nutritional Therapist in 2014 with the Irish Institute of Nutrition and Health.

“The IINH has given me tools to help people change their life through healthier eating habits, make better lifestyle choices and help raise their awareness about nutrition.  I have grown hugely in my knowledge and as a person through the studying, lectures, and clinic work at the IINH. Felt supported through their holistic approach and the experience of their staff.”

As a highly personal, intuitive and creative Nutritional Coach I can relate to all ages and professions. I have been providing one to one consultations as a Nutritional coach. Dealing with clients seeking assistance with fatigue, low energy and vitality, poor sleep, stress, digestive dysfunctions such as IBS, constipation and bloating, food intolerances, weight loss and, weight management. I have been giving diet and lifestyle advice through creating a safe space, showing and providing understanding, compassion and, guidance. Using my coaching and counseling skills extensively for which I have received great feedback such as being methodical, having great insight, excellent and specific questioning, and suggestions/advice around food, providing great motivational support, excellent stress/lifestyle advice. I work as a Reiki practitioner and I strongly believe that wellbeing and helping people get more energy, deal with trauma and everyday life issues go hand in hand with healthy eating habits.

I love working with people, and every client I have worked with so far is looking for understanding, compassion and someone to guide them and listen to their story. Having the knowledge to help people with their food and lifestyle choices is a vital step in the work I already do!

Contact Nadia:

Mobile  087 943 7303

Email   [email protected]

Location: Booterstown/Blackrock area/ South Dublin

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