The IINH has had the honour of teaching and working with lots of incredible people.  In this blog series, we are doing a spotlight on a number of our successful graduates – qualified Nutritional Therapists and Nutrition and Health Coaches so that you can follow their new careers and be inspired for your career in Nutrition!  First in our blog series is Margot Kearney, Nutritional Therapist with The Nutrition Clinic in Carlow.

Margot Kearney, Nutritional Therapist, Reflexologist, Trainer/Facilitator

AFMCP graduate (Application of Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice)

Member of NTOI, BANT, MRI

margot-kearneyMy interest in nutrition and healthy living led me to the Irish Institute for Nutrition and Health in 2005, from which I graduated in 2008. I loved my time at IINH, met a lot of like-minded people and I was very inspired by the excellent lectures. This led me to open my own nutritional therapy clinic in Carlow after graduating. I now work in partnership with Ashling Ward and we run a very successful clinic working with adults, children and families.  

I have been working in the area of holistic health for over 13 years. As a mother of four grown up children, my approach to a healthy lifestyle is both practical and achievable. I am passionate about motivating people to take control of their own health. I love sharing my experience and enthusiasm for healthy eating and living, and believe in increasing people’s awareness through education.

At The Nutrition Clinic in Carlow we run workshops and seminars on a variety of health topics. We provide talks to schools, the corporate sector and various community groups.

At our clinic we work with adults, children and families. Over the last number of years, I have worked with many clients presenting with a variety of health issues from digestive ill health and female hormone imbalances to weight management and immune system problems.

I now also work as a student clinic supervisor with IINH at their student clinic in Bray.

For more details or to contact me:


Mobile: 087 6627431

Clinic: 059 9164991 

email: [email protected]