So Easter is almost upon us. That time of year again, chocolate eggs everywhere we look, Easter egg hunts, doting grandparents bearing Easter treats! All we can do is try to minimise the amount of junk that the kids eat! It can be so difficult to find the balance between allowing them to have fun with the usual Easter festivities and keeping them healthy. Well, Easter is the perfect time to play around with some healthy alternatives, there are endless really fun ideas to get the focus away from eating junk! By including plenty of fun, colour, distraction & tasty healthier alternatives and they won’t even feel they are missing anything at all!

Here are some ideas we have come up with:


Kids love fruit! Fruit kebabs are a great way to get a great assortment of different fruit into them. Berries are another great versatile fruit that kids get excited about. Strawberries plain or dipped in a little dark chocolate are always a winner.


Popcorn is a good crowd pleaser with kids. Homemade with only a little sea salt is a good healthy alternative. Making it up in little individual bags makes it seem like a special treat 🙂

Healthy home-baked treats:

Some homemade treats can be a great alternative to a shop bought Easter egg full of refined sugar. Our top picks are the following;
–Coconut macaroon nests with a little added xylitol as a sweetener.
-Raw chocolate truffle balls, pass well as eggs served in a little straw in a basket.
-Easter buns, made with spelt or buckwheat flour, ground nuts or fruit. There are some great decoration kits available to give any of these an Easter theme.


Eggs are a great cost effective item to use at this time of year and also it is a chance to get kids eating eggs and educating them on the different things that can be done with eggs. Our top egg-tivities are the following:
-Painting or decorating eggs. Empty eggs out or simply hard boil them. Decorate the shells in pretty colours and patterns and have the eggs, scrambled or hard boiled for tea!
-Fill with chocolate and make DIY chocolate eggs. Empty the egg out of the shell making a little hole at one end and a larger hole at the other. When emptied and cleaned thoroughly fill with melted dark chocolate. Refrigerate and simply peel away the shell for a perfect solid chocolate egg! So exciting 🙂

Healthy snacks:

There are a huge list of healthy snacks and treats available these days. Any of the following would be a great addition to a little Easter basket; Nudie Snacks (, Nakd bars (, Get Fruity Bars (, That’s It Snacks (, 9bars (, Beond bars

An Easter hunt:

Kids get so excited by a treasure hunt or Easter hunt. Keeping it full of colour & if you can get some little Easter accessories it will have them squealing with excitement! A basket of healthy treats or even little chicks or toys at the end can be a good alternative to a big Easter egg.

Wishing you all a happy healthy Easter!